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Maasailand Preservation Trust merges into Big Life

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(Image is a frame from BIG LIFE 2012 : a 6 minute film about Big Life released today at:




MPT has been operating for 20 years with Richard Bonham at the helm. The conservation philosophies of Big Life and MPT are so similar, and our goals so identical, that it became obvious that we should merge our operations and continue forward under one identity. Since Big Life’s inception in 2010, MPT had managed the operations of Big Life on the ground, working in a highly integrated fashion.


With this merger, Big Life has now expanded to: 250 rangers, 21 outposts,14 vehicles protecting 2 million acres of wilderness in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem of E. Africa.


Big Life's co-ordinated trans-border anti-poaching operation is the only one of its kind in East Africa.


Today, Big Life's rangers have made a huge difference within the Amboseli ecosystem, so far dramatically reducing the rampant poaching from two years ago. Today, as of September 2012, 22 months since inception, there has been: 627 Arrests, 1630 Weapons Confiscated.


But with the Asian demand for ivory and other animal parts continuing to fuel the killing and destruction, we need your support in the form of donations NOW.


In the meantime, today September 23, Big Life has launched a completely new, far more comprehensive and informative website at:


Also released today, BIG LIFE 2012 : BIG LIFE IN MOTION :


BIG LIFE 2012, a 6 minute film that shows the urgent poaching situation in East Africa, and what Big Life is doing on the ground to deal with it.


The film features animal footage shot in Amboseli in July 2012 by Big Life co-founder, photographer Nick Brandt, and interviews and action from earlier in the year with Richard Bonham, as he and the Big Life rangers pursue poachers within the East African Amboseli ecosystem where Big Life currently operates. (PS some footage not for little kids).


Text and image courtesy and copyright Nick Brandt, Big Life.

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