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Taken in Amani Nature Reserve:


36611735631_2049d95196_o.jpgMoon - Amani by Halfw1t, on Flickr


36468594631_c92c251822_o.jpgAmani Nature Reserve - Tree Frog by Halfw1t, on Flickr


I got a genet's tail several times on the camera trap. Annoyingly, this is the best shot that I managed to get.


35882196414_2014eac27c_o.jpgGenet photographed by camera trap by Halfw1t, on Flickr


Taken in Katavi NP:


Hippo pod two minutes from Ikuu campsite


35925640773_a6c55c42b2_o.jpgKatavi - lake next to campsite by Halfw1t, on Flickr


Some camera trap footage




36344263480_9032de1e89_o.jpgElephant silhouette - Katavi day 2 by Halfw1t, on Flickr


35925708363_52495b5cf7_o.jpgKatavi by Halfw1t, on Flickr


The herbivore density at Katavi was surprisingly low. The biggest elephant and buffalo herds that we saw both had less than 10 members and there were periods where we drove for over an hour without seeing much of interest. Our guide said that it would be a lot easier to spot animals in around a month. I'd be interested to hear how this compares with other people's experiences of the park. In the four days that we were in the park we only saw four other vehicles so there were times when it felt like we had the place to ourselves. This included being the only vehicle at two excellent lion sightings so it was a very enjoyable trip.

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