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Community Based Wildlife Conservation - Dr. Rolf D. Baldus

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A Practical Summary of Experiences after Three Decades of Community-based Wildlife Conservation in Africa - “What are the Lessons Learnt?”


Dr. Rolf D. Baldus


The single greatest factor influencing conservation of biodiversity, the survival of wildlife and the continuing existence of wild places in Africa is the complicated interface between rural people and wildlife.


In the early days of modern conservation the answer was simple: Declare suitable land as a protected area, move the people out, erect a virtual fence and nature will flourish inside, as it has done since time immemorial. As time went by many of the virtual fences were turned into real ones. National parks became islands surrounded by populations that had oft en converted their lands into dustbowls and then looked with greedy eyes towards the green grass and the juicy- legged chunks of meat behind the fences. As a result the islands had to be upgraded into “fortresses” to be defended against those “greedy” people surrounding them. Invariably the reality was that neither the African Governments nor their wildlife authorities, which were assigned this task, were able to defend these “fortresses” efficiently.

Please find attached as 4 PDF files, this document from Rolf Baldus relating to his experiences with Community Based Wildlife Conservation. Rolf has given permission for me to publish this work on Safaritalk.







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