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Hi all.  We are planning a return trip to Borneo next April/May.  We are organizing the trip through AA Borneo again since they did such a great job last trip.  My wife and I are looking for 2 to 3 more people to join us so that we can lower the costs and increase the fun!  The dates are relatively firm since Deramakot is now getting wildly popular and we need to book our flights soon since we are using miles.  But, I am sure there is a bit of flexibility if I get some interest in the next couple of weeks.


This will be an "Everything and Anything" trip.  Meaning, we don't plan on just focusing on birds, or mammals, or herps.  We hope to see lots of all 3 actually.


Here is the current itinerary:

- Pickup at KK hotel (April 22)

- 6 nights Deramakot (April 22 to 27) 

- 2 nights Sepilok Nature Resort (April 28 & 29)

- 3 nights Kingabatangan Wetlands Resort (April 30 to May 2)

- 4 nights Borneo Rainforest Lodge (May 3 to May 6)

- Fly from Lehad Datu back to KK (May 6)


We will have a private guide at all locations and expect to see some incredible wildlife.  I have an idea of activities that we would do at all locations but nothing is finalized yet so there is flexibility there.


Please let me know if anyone is interested and I can supply more details or answer any questions that folks may have.





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