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Sri Lanka Question

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What would the recommendations be for a 3Night safari in Sri Lanka?  I hear Wilpattu is less crowded compared to Yala?


Starting today, we have a new direct flight from Coimbatore to Colombo (one hour) - so, got to take advantage of that!



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@madaboutcheetah Only just spotted this. My blogs on Sri Lanka might give more ideas but.....

It depends what time of year to decide to go as the rains are at different places at different times.

Wilpattu is less crowded but also more heavily forested too so view is likely to be more difficult. That said on one of the two occasions we have been we had a Leopard lying on the ground in front of us with just 4 or 5 vehicles sharing the photographic experience. Yala on the other hand was bunfight to see Leopard and Sloth Bear on the occasions we have been. Overall from a viewing point and providing you are happy to stay clear of the bunfights, Yala is probably a more rewarding experience. That said if you only have 3 days you could also include Kalpytia for the best Dolphin watching trips ( in my opinion) on the island. Brilliant and you can stay right on the beach there too.

On a trip to the south I'd include Bundala if you are interested in birds and Mirissa for the whale watching which is good but not as exciting as having Dolphins leaping around your small boat up north.

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