Western Lowland Gorillas, Pangolins, Forest Elephants and Pottos - My trip report from the Central African Republic and Cameroon

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@@Atdahl - that hotel was pretty bad.. the whole drive is pretty terrible (especially on the way back). If you can afford the >2000 euro per person each direction for the flight, I would. If you join a pre-booked flight with some seats left, you may be able to get it for slightly less. I was very excited about the primates there too, as there are some groups I've seen for the very first time, such as "true" guenons, mangabays, and of course gorillas! I think you can also see red colobus downstream from Sangha Lodge and maybe some other monkeys are around too. Also very small chance for chimpanzees along the Sangha River. We didn't even hear any on any day, but others do. I didn't try too hard to find less common primates because I was all about pangolins and otters and the "regular" stuff ;-)


@@Sangeeta - it's absolutely my pleasure. I'm happy you enjoyed it :-)

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