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Want to go on another safari...

Tanzania Kenya

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#1 sadguy88



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Posted 21 March 2017 - 03:59 AM

Okay, let me start by saying I'm a pretty young guy in college and unable to support myself right now.


So July of last year my family went on a Tanzania safari. I always loved animals and since a few years I became really interested in African wildlife in particular. However, a couple things went wrong and I will explain what they were: First off, just 2 days before we left I experienced something really traumatic which left me shaken and would continue to stress me out significantly through the trip.


We visited the usual northern parks in Tanzania(Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire). I was amazed at what I saw, but the thing that bothered me was that much of the time we were there, it was overcast and dusty. I was really hoping to see the Serengeti plains under the bright sun so I was a bit disappointed.


Then there was one point we were driving up to our camp in northern serengeti where we saw a pride of 16+ lions at dusk! We were the only vehicle for miles, and our tour guide went up close to them. Then my mom, freaking out, BEGGED the tour guide to turn the vehicle around and leave.


In fact, she was so afraid that she changed plans from staying in the migration camp for 2 nights to only staying one night! So we would have had 2 days to catch the river crossings, but instead only had one day to do that. We saw the migration but they did not cross the river.


Also, after returning from our trip, I learned more about the serengeti and that there are nice green season safaris where the scenery is completely different.


Despite all the bad things that happened I will still say it was my favorite vacation. I plan on going to southern Africa too in the future. But given the circumstances, I'd love to go back to east Africa and experience it once more as soon as possible. Does anyone have suggestions as to whether or not I should do safari in east Africa again, and if so how would it be possible given my situation?



#2 Tdgraves


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 09:54 AM

Marry someone rich? Win the lottery?
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#3 kittykat23uk


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 03:54 PM

Most safaris are expensive. Even just the flights can be quite a lot of money. Even so-called volunteer programmes require quite a substantial donation. Have you any budget in mind for such a trip?

Wildlife Act are a good company to volunteer with. If you have a lot of time you could also look at winterdodger expeditions.

African budget safaris list out a lot of options for budget safari group tours etc.

If your trip involves volunteering, you could try looking for sponsorship if you are still at school maybe try rotary club or similar philanthropic outfits.
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If an experience is amazing enough to be "once in a lifetime," I want to do it every year.
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#4 pault


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Posted 22 March 2017 - 02:18 AM

My niece did paying voolunteer work in Malawi  (i.e. she paid for it rather than pretending her 19-year old self had special skills that Malawi just couldn;t siurvive without).. She crowd-funded some of the cost, mostly from relatives, and saved the rest herself. She had about 10 days' holiday at the end.


There are volunteer spots like this in East Africa too and if you do have skills there are volunteer jobs you don't have to pay for. If you are there for a while, get ujsed to driving there and don't mind camping you can hire a car for a couple of weeks after you finish and see tthe country. You'd still probbaly need to budget at least $200 a day though if you wanted to focus on wildlife, but you could cut that if you had a companion (my neice presuadfed someone to go on the same program so they shared costs throughtout).. However, you can also do stufff by bus (and soon by train again too) which is super-cheap, and if you have a tent you only need to spend on park fees and guides/ vehicles when you are actually visiting a park or reserve. That will severely limit where you can go because only a few places offer game drives to campers (Southern Africa is much easier for this, and self-drive) but I think it could be done. Having a companion would be much, much better under this scenario too.


The other thing you could try is sending out letters to camps and camp and lodge operators offering yourselkf as a volunteer guest relations assistant (for food and board). It's really useful to have connections for something like that but there is no harm in trying and if you write nice enough enquiries, some people may respond with other suggestions..Legal issues there, but it's not like jnothing goes off hte bbooks in Kenya or Tanzania!


I wouldn't limit yourself to East Aftica. What you are trying to do will probbaly be easier in the south.

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