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My Unfortunately Suspended Safari to Chuyulu Hills,Nairobi National Park, Ol Malo Camp in Laikipia and Sarara Camp in the Matthews Range

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I am so glad you finally got to make this trip, @@optig, and that you're looking hale and healthy. I'm particularly glad for a selfish reason: I'm beginning to think about Kenya for 2018, and your trip to the Namunyak Conservancy in particular is very inspiring. I feel like it would be amazing paired with a visit to the Mara for a first time visitor, as the two ecosystems look so completely different. Also, I love the pictures of you with the orphaned gerenuk, and would like to learn more about the elephant orphanage. That's a great tip about the new lodge being built! Thanks again for sharing.

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@@hannahcat the two ecosystems are completely different in every way shape and form. The two would make an outstanding combination which I couldn't recommend more. The wildlife,scenery, birdlife and even cultural experience are all totally different. I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed the feeling of having the entire 350,000 acres conservancy to myself. I had my own guide and KWS ranger the entire time. I never had to share a vehicle on either visit.


I have to stress that when you visit the Masaai Mara whatever you do please stay in a private conservancy. @@Zarek Cockar particularly likes the Mara Naiboisho Conservancy. I stayed twice in the Olare Orok Conservancy and loved it.

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@ optig

I think the stork is an Abdim's (or white-bellied) stork and your last picture is a Crowned Lapwing.


I enjoy reading your TR a lot and I'm especially interested in birds as you might guess

I hope that in a few week's time I will see many of them, hopefully some lifers for me...

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@@AfricanQueen Thank you so much for your kind identifications. I can't wait to hear about your upcoming safari. I was planning to post more about my last safari,but I've been inconvenienced by the fact that the local internet connection has been patchy all day. Now it's finally come back. I constantly remind myself that wifi,power, and much else was less efficient four and a half years ago than today. Much of the improvements in life in Africa can't be measured in simple statistics.

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I have to say that it was incredible watching the elephants dig for water. I had never seen this before. They were also frequently coming to the swimming pool and drinking out of it.


There were reticulated giraffes everywhere and they are just magnificent. I never tire of seeing them.


Please notice the elephants in the photos. It says alot about my lack on my photographic skills! I simply have to learn how to focus my camera.


The numbers of greater kudu were sparse due to the drought, but still I managed to see some including this magnificent specimen.


There weren't many gerenuk but still I saw a few.


Here are some of the adorable orphans.


There are more elephants at the Singing Wells. The Singing Wells in a great place to spot wild life.

I saw a leopard here on a nigh drive as well as a hyena on another. I also saw an African hare as well as

slender mongoose, white tailed mongoose, and of course dwarf mongoose as well as silver backed jackal.


These two giraffes seem to be having a conversation. They are probably complaining about the all the people coming in from the NRT to see the new elephant orphanage.


I enjoyed fly camping in the dry river bed especially because I had diner with Rob and Meg Palmer, the lovely South African co-managers. I can remember listening to the elephants walking around and the cries of a hyena. I have to say that I love fly camping more every time that I do it.

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