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@@twaffle how nice of you to read and comment on my report! And yes, I learned that about the fasting and it meaning no meat and it being on those days as our Driver Demiss was observing that custom also. But the menu was very strongly worded that you could ONLY get those vegetarian meals on those days of the week - yet when we asked, it was fine!


Oh you're right of course, those are horses in the photo, how silly of me. I have to say that this was something that really caused me distress, seeing many donkeys AND horses so heavily laden or small cart horses pulling people in carts and being made to RUN not just trot - and everyone was holding a stick - some people actually slapped the animals with it and some used it more to wave at them to get them to move in a certain direction if walking with them - but it was very hard for me to see.

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I have a lot of trip reports to catch up on but many have fallen off my feed so it's hard to find them all. At least I have lots to read!


Yes, the donkeys and horses have it very tough and it's very hard to see. I agree.

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