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adam parkison

Cryptic Wildlife Populations

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Despite the constant headlines about the bleak poaching problem in the continent of Africa, I am always amazed by stories of cryptic wildlife populations being discovered- or rather- re-discovered in some cases. I will give an example of my own experience, but also was hoping to hear from others:



While in the eastern Central African Republic, in the Chinko River Basin, I was blown away by the amount of African wild dogs I kept seeing while i lived in the bush from 2008- 2014. It wasn't until 2012, after sharing my photos and stories with a biologist, that I discovered that that particular population of wild dogs was unknown to exist in eastern CAR!


Later, after the formation of the Chinko Project and its management by African Parks, the same researcher, Thierry Aebischer, ALSO confirmed the presence of Chimpanzees in the area- which was needless to say, a huge discovery!




Does anyone else know of cases like this, where cryptic populations of animals showed up where they were unexpected, or thought to be extinct?



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Wild dogs appear in areas with low wildlife populations, few (or no lions) and low human populations. I think they still occur quite widely in Angola for example.

Another example would be the existence of lions in Alatash in Ethiopia.

When you say that you were blown away by the amount of wild dogs you kept seeing, how many or often did you see them? How big were the packs? How many packs? Did you try to identify individuals? @@adam parkison

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