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@@Soukous That’s great to know, it had crossed my mind that that could be the case. I read a review of a trip to Ennedi with Spazid’avventura on Thorn Tree written by someone from the Netherlands, their tour of 13 comprised 8 Italians, 3 Germans and 1 Bulgarian, everyone except two of the Germans spoke Italian so that was the language they used almost throughout. They do say that the guides could also explain things in English or French if necessary. It did therefore occur to me that if you did the tour with Native Eye it’s reasonable to assume that the rest of your group would be Brits, this might make for a slightly easier tour, not that there would be anything wrong with joining a group of other Europeans, but it could be slightly awkward or not so much fun if you only speak English and some of your fellow travellers don’t.


Anyone looking to book a safari is going to be pretty nervous about using a very new and largely unknown company, all the more so with an off the beaten track country like Chad, so it’s great to have a little background info on Native Eye and know that in this case the trip will be organised by people with plenty of Chad experience.

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For a brief review of a (private) camping trip to Ennedi outfitted by SVS (combined with a stay at Camp Nomade in Zakouma):


That was quite the opposite of a trip "on a budget" but it shows that this Camp Nomade/Zakouma combo is gaining a bit of momentum (I know of other similar trips this year) and that SVS/Spazi d'Avventura are able to cater for a wide range of clients.

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