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browsing animals and creating savannas in Africa

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Posted 22 November 2016 - 07:26 AM

Although it is from a popular  source  this article written by a researcher  so ordinary people who have no post school science education  is very good at explaining things


it can be found at   11 nov  THE CONVERSATION   AFRICA'S SPINY TREES OFFER LESSONS IN UNDERSTANDING THE EARTH'S ECOLOGY     http://theconversati...s-ecology-65678


there are a number of  scientific papers  connected to the hyperlinks 


some of them are open access  ,others not

I find  the article  linked in paragraph 6 starting "for example, our evidence that medium sized browsing animals  ---- " and marked field based studies   to be worthwhile, please see Is there a browse trap JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY 2014


the browsing influence of animals  was  estimated by fencing of areas of bush and comparing the condition of plants with and without browsing


the influence of browsing is considered to be more important than fire


fire can only become an influence of plants who survive browsing


medium sized animals such as nyala and impala  are especially important


further research  noted in paragraph 4  (but research  my colleagues and I   ---  SPINY PLANTS,MAMMAL BROWSERS AND THE ORIGIN OF AFRICAN SAVANNAS  PNAS SEP 2016 )


over 16 million years plants for unrelated lineages developed spines 55 times, the arrival and diversification of bovids changed woody plants , browsing animals  predated fire by millions of years as a driving for the origin of savannas 

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