What is the best time to visit lake Nakuru national park

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I have been reading several tour itineraries and I have realized many says that of late things have changed in lake Nakuru National park and that at times there are not as many flamingos. They go ahead to say that they are on high population when the lake is shallow alkaline and warm. Its basically the time algae grows and flamingos flock the lake to feed on it. My question now comes in. When is the right time to have these conditions? I will appreciate your help fellow travelers.

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~ @demshyna


Welcome to Safaritalk!


I'm sorry for such a late reply.


As a tour operator, you must be in a favorable position to observe firsthand the cycles at Lake Nakuru.


When rains are less and the water surface drops, as you've noted, lake water alkalinity increases with a corresponding increase in algal growth.


You know best the seasonal climate conditions around Lake Nakuru.


The flamingos and other water birds there are one of Kenya's natural treasures.


You're doing much for wildlife conservation through your work, informing visitors about the natural cycles there.


If you ever have any images of Lake Nakuru, please post them. It's such a beautiful location.


Thank you for your post.


Tom K.

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