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What to see at Kwhai tented camp, Botswana

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Located on the border of the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, on the banks of a lagoon flowing into the Khwai River, is the remarkable Khwai tented camp. Around here is where we find all sorts of the wildest, most captivating scenes on the continent, and what better than to be sharing these magical moments with the SafariTalk community? We suspect some of you avid bush hoppers will appreciate this exciting update showing some wildlife that has been sighted in the Khwai Community Area, and that you too could have the pleasure of witnessing all of this for yourself one of these days! Here’s a bit of what you could expect to see…




These leopards really seem to be enjoying the sun for a change. You’re lucky if you catch these carnivores about in broad daylight due to their sneaky hunting patterns, which happen ever so quietly in the black of the night, but at least you know you have a chance to witness it in the Botswanan bush!




Mother and cub bonding being experienced over a morning meal. After what, we are sure, was a long night of hunting, this beautiful lioness can keep her cub full and strong. No doubt that this healthy young cub will be catching its own prey soon, and we look forward to our team of Professional Guides at Khwai tracking scenes of its life as it grows.




Here we have an extremely rare sighting. We had the opportunity to witness not only a pack of wild dogs lazing in the sun, which is a special sighting on its own, but we were also around when a few elephants approached them. Neither are looking too settled with the situation they’ve found themselves in. It’s always a thrilling experience watching encounters and interactions in the wild, especially when neither “walk away”.




Here’s more of a calming scene that can be viewed in the Khwai Community Area. These elegant giraffes wander about peacefully with a fiery sky above them.. It is the quiet, serene moments like this that make being in Africa such a spoil.





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