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Unethical Hunting in Tanzania

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@@Game Warden - please delete, just noticed that there was the same posted in a subforum and I didn't see it. Sorry!


Yesterday I came across this article and video, and it broke my heart, made me furious and I can't stop thinking about it. Please do not watch the video if you are very sensitive, it is immensely disturbing ....


Seems some unethical, savage and completely disgraceful "hunting" is taking place in Tanzania, by a particular company. I am about to visit Tanzania later on in the year and in a way I am feeling really guilty that I will be filling the pockets of those officials who facilitate and allow this to happen. I have recently also read a book containing shocking details into how hunting and parks are managed in Tanzania - that was enough to put me off a bit, but this now is too much. I know that the best way to conserve the little that is left is to visit the national parks and contribute to the eco-tourism economy, but I can't help but feel I am also contributing and somehow condoning this by visiting too :(


What are your thoughts? Does it also make you mad? Do you just look at the "good" you are contributing to? Should we ignore the ugly side we are also financing?


PS: This is not meant to be a debate into general law-abiding hunting merits - I am just referring to the specific abuses detailed in the article and which I have to mention are forbidden by law in Tanzania. It is also extended to tourism dollars providing revenue towards entities that participate in other unsavoury things such as human right abuses etc.

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