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Convincing Chinese Consumers Not to Buy Ivory

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It's one of those questions that seems to invariably come up at conservation meetings: how do we get Chinese consumers to not buy ivory?


My colleague Hazel Wong recently led an effort to poll potential consumers on what messages would dissuade them. This is probably not a surprise, but moralizing and demonizing don't work. And yet that is what many conservationists still do. Hazel has been a leader in conservation messaging and I think this research could help create better outreach campaigns. As she says, "We can't just wag our finger at China and expect things to change."


Read more: How Can Conservationists Convince Consumers to Not Buy Ivory?

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Posted (edited)

This is a wonderful article you're written @@MattMiller . This explains why consumers in China are buying ivory and specific ways to educate them to change this.


They need to know the origins of ivory products: elephants are killed for their tusks; the tusks are not collected from a live elephant that then grows new ones. This fact alone can have an impact on decreasing one’s likelihood of buying ivory.


My only question is what percentage of the ivory buyers are using it for Chinese medicine and how can that be addressed?

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~ @fictionauthor


I somehow missed this post.


You've asked a question which needs to be asked.


Week after week, anecdotal evidence in and around the local area that ivory consumption in various forms for a number of reasons continues unchecked.


Very big sigh...


Tom K.

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