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Good Morning, fellow Safaritalkers. I hope you're all well.


I'm working on building an itinerary for the ultimate Northern Kenya experience. This will be a long trip, led by myself, exploring far Northern Kenya's wildlife, scenery, cultures, history, and environmental issues. I'd like to gauge everyone's interest here in such a trip to find out if there's enough demand for it.

Some basics about the trip:

- Accommodation throughout the trip will be in dome tents, cottages/bandas, and occasionally out in the open.

- Simple, but hearty, food will be provided by a chef accompanying the trip.

- Transport will be in Land Cruisers with trailers for luggage and equipment


The potential to have 1 or 2 specialized experts along on the trip also exists (potentially a L. Turkana hydrology expert and/or a paleontology expert from the National Museum) depending on traveler's budgets.


This trip would focus on, but would not be limited to:

- Lake Turkana - history and environmental factors

- The Nilotes and the Cushites: Several lesser-known people groups continue to practice their traditional ways of life (much more so than the famous Maasai and Samburu) in Northern Kenya. The El Molo (the world's most 'endangered' people group), the Turkana, the Gabbra, the Rendille, the Borana, the Ilmusei, etc.

- Geology and paleontology: Koobi Fora (Sibiloi National Park) and Loyiangalani are famous for their paleontological findings. The history of the findings is as interesting as the findings themselves. Kalacha and Loyiangalani are also home to some interesting millenia-old rock art which is not very well known to many people. The whole of Northern Kenya is also very volcanic, with craters and fissures dotting the landscape, there's much to be explored. We'll also spend time criss-crossing the Chalbi Desert, a fascinating place of stark, harsh beauty.

- Wildlife: While the harsh, arid desert-scapes of the North aren't known for an abundance of wildlife, they nevertheless support a huge amount of biodiversity, from Top and Beisa Oryx to White Crowned Starlings and Masked Larks, from rare Euphorbias to undescribed insects and desert Cheetah.


We'll most likely end the trip with a tad bit of luxury and relaxation at a lodge/camp in Samburu/Shaba/B.S. National Reserve.

I'm very open to suggestions at this stage and will certainly tailor the trip specifically towards the individual interests/desires of anyone who signs up for it.

I'm excited to run this trip - extreme Northern Kenya is an enchanting area. That part of the country is just so unique and captures the imagination so strongly.


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Such a wonderful part of Kenya. Lots of memories there for me, both travelling there as a teenager and from more recent times.


I wish you every success in organizing this trip. I hope the Rendille, Borana etc... living in the area have indeed kept a bit of authenticity from when I visited them 30 years ago.

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Hi Zarek


It sounds like you are talking a bit about a part of our trip. I can't wait until September. I hope you'll pick us up at Nairobi airport on the 01/09/2016.




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Hi Christa,


In some ways this trip will be similar to your trip, yes. I plan for this trip to spend more time up there, exploring a little wider and investigating a little deeper. It'll also probably go in the opposite direction from your trip, going North via Maralal, and heading South via Isiolo.

I'm looking forward to our trip together in September! I'll certainly be there to pick you up, and we'll be in touch again over email as the trip draws closer.





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