Indian rhino translocation to Western Nepal

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A Greater one-horned rhino found a new home in Bardia National Park through a successful translocation expedition from Chitwan National Park in Nepal’s Terai Arc Landscape (TAL) today.

In the coming days, four additional rhinos will make this trek, all part of a larger effort to move 30 rhinos to Bardia National Park (25 rhinos) and Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve (5 rhinos) through 2018.


Nepal authorities have just started a new translocation program to reinforce Western Nepal rhino populations from Bardia and Sukhlaphanta. The first rhino has been released in the Babai Valley of Bardia National Park, which rhino population suffered a lot and at one point was to the verge of being wiped out of the park, during the civil war between 2002 and 2006.


Nepal has currently a growing population of rhinos. Chitwan National Park has the largest rhino population of the country and its population is only second in the world, after Kaziranga in Assam.


In order to protect important corridors in Western Nepal, some of them linking Nepali protected areas with Indian ones, rhinos were also collared in the Khata corridor to study the importance of corridors, and I guess take further measure to strengthen this important area for rhinos and wildlife.



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