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Game Warden

What is Safaritalk?

3 posts in this topic is a not-for-gain volunteer administered initiative highlighting wildlife conservation, environmental issues, and community and social initiatives in Africa. It provides quality exclusive content, and is not driven by commercial concerns or interests. is a forum for Africa based discussion including but not limited to: wildlife conservation, environment, community issues, travel and safari in which all interested parties can interact - including travellers, conservationists, community workers, volunteers, donors, tour operators, safari guides, lodge owners, local people. is not an animal rights website nor is it a pro hunting website. However it encourages balanced informed and respectful discussion and debate which may surround such issues, where every member may have a right to voice his/her opinion, and such views are respected and listened to.




To build a concerned community of ethical travellers and community focused or conservation based organisations and encourage responsible tourism.


To encourage more input from Africans who are involved in or have knowledge of such issues and allow them a greater audience than any standalone blog or website would offer.


To provide a means of NGOs in the aforementioned areas to establish a greater internet presence without investing any money, therefore reaching a wider audience and potential donors.


To aggregate all such NGOs and entities in one portal offering a greater exposure to smaller "grass roots" projects by placing equal importance on them as other larger well known and recognised groups.


To offer confidence to those who may consider making a donation to such an entity by establishing trust and a relationship with those personally involved, be it project directors, founders, volunteers, etc. By introducing readers to such persons and directors of NGOs and similar entities on the ground in Africa, no longer are these institutions anonymous and faceless, therefore generating confidence and trust in those who may wish to contribute. Safaritalk highlights how you can help by means of small donations, and how much such a seemingly insignificant donation can make a difference.


To highlight special fund raising campaigns which may not be newsworthy enough to appear in other media outlets.


Future AIMS:


To offer internet training to those on the ground in Africa involved in such work by means of IT training, basic English lessons, blog writing, website production.


To offer by means of solar powered sources, computer placement in remoter regions of Africa where such projects are undertaken, and establish internet access so relevant information can be uploaded to Safaritalk.


To provide each of the projects a digital camera / video camera as "A picture is worth a thousand words", providing regular photographic and video updates to the work.


To help finance such grass roots initiatives that are making a difference on the ground in Africa.


Safaritalk stats:


Despite the site being relatively recent, it has received a positive response from both conservation agencies and community initiatives on the ground in Africa and a number of interviews have already been published, which are listed here: It also publishes relevant articles regularly, which can be seen here.


Presently Safaritalk is building it's audience base and is ranked as #4 on the google search engine under Safari forum (English Language search) and by publishing interviews with persons involved in this field slowly will this audience base develop, and therefore present such groups to potential donors, be they individual or corporate, small or large.


Safaritalk is non commercial, non profit making and does not sell anything nor promote any service. It has no commercial backing and features no advertisements. It is a project developed solely from my wish to publicise and promote issues in Africa: eventually I hope that as a vehicle for raising awareness and publicising African conservation groups and cultural initiatives, in time Safaritalk will become a viable source for Africa based news, articles and discussion.

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~ @@Game Warden:


This evening I set aside time to explore hidden corners of Safaritalk which I hadn't previously visited.

Gems abound in unexpected places, with the accumulated wit, whimsy, and wisdom of Safaritalk members expressed in their unique styles over many years.

When I found this description of the aims of Safaritalk I was highly impressed by how cogently it describes the Safaritalk which I've come to enjoy in Spring, 2015.

I wish that I'd read this when I first joined Safaritalk on 17 March of this year. New members and prospective members would benefit from reading it, as various questions are answered.

I'll recommend this forum to anyone in the future who asks me about Safaritalk.

If ever there's any logistical means of bringing this link to greater prominence, it might be helpful to do so.

With Appreciation,

Tom K.

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~ @Game Warden


Two years after writing the above post I've once again taken time to explore Safaritalk's hidden corners.


The new version of the site, Safaritalk 2.0, is user friendly.


Thank you for the dedication, planning and work to implement the Safaritalk Vision.


Tom K.


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