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Thinking of going to China för mammalwatching? 
Well, here is your chance. 

I have fixed dates for this tour. Starting 5th October from Chengdu and ends 14 october in Chengdu. A 10 day trip. 
I will arrive the day before in Chengdu for an early departure on the 5th October. 
I will also have two extra days afterwards for some flexibility. Then I have the freedom to stay at one place if I missed something.

I´ll be going with a guy (Janco) from mammalwatching and we searching for a third person to reduce the cost. 
The total cost for the tour is approximately RMB 28,000.
Divided by 3 persons it will be around RMB 9,400 per person
The only thing who is fixed is the cost of the guide who is RMB 2,000/day then we pay food, accommodation, fuel, road-tolls, park fee on top of that for BOTH the guide and ourselves. 
That´s why the cost is not fixed but approximate. They have done this many times before and have a good feeling of the overall cost so it will be fine. We use the same guides as many others had on mammalwatching and they had a great success in finding target species.
We also have a great flexibility as we don´t need to pre-book anything. 
In Labahe and Tangjiahe we are restricted to use nationalpark hotel and in Ruoergai we can choose what we want on the spot. Accommodation and food is cheap in China so the biggest cost is for the guide and the fuel I guess.

The areas we will visit is: 
Labahe for Red Panda. Also other stuff here like, Squirrels, Tibetan macaque, Hog badger , Masked Palm civet, etc. etc.
Tangjiahe for Golden Takin, Golden snub-nosed monkey, Asian black bear, Also Yellow throated marten, Chinese serow, Reeve´s muntjac, Ghoral, Rheus macaque, Malayan porcupine, Tufted deer, Tibetan macaque, Hog badger, Masked Palm civet, Leopard cat, Chinese ferret badger, flying squirrels, Weasel, Wild boar etc. etc. 
Ruoergai for Chinese mountain cat, Pallas cat, Tibetan fox, Wolves, Tibetan gazelle, Also Marmots, Pikas, Red fox etc. etc. 
Daytime viewing and alot of spotlighting at night. We will spend as much time as possible out there. 
Both Janco and me are also keen on photographing so we will also try to make som good photos of the animals were seeing. Not only tick off on a paper. 
For example,  if we think we will have a good photo of a pack of Wolves from a hill some walking distance away, we will do it. 

I am a guy from Sweden, 39 years old and have done alot of travelling and in recent years alot of mammalwatching trips. 
There is some people who have interest to join this but at the moment, Yes there is still one place open.

We don´t need to pay any deposit as they don´t pre-book anything. My tour is booked and scheduled anyway.


Get in touch if you are interested.


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@Antee I've edited out your email address so as to prevent it being harvested by spammers - if anyone is interested, get in contact with Andreas initially through a PM and then swap emails via that medium.



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Wife Claire and I have signed up for a three vehicle tour from Cape Town to Windhoek which is being organised by a friend. Dates are 13th of July to 5th of August 2018 and it's a mix of 13 nights camping in Hillux rooftop tents and Guesthouses for the other 9 nights.  Everything is planned, it's a tour of mixed interests but includes lots of wildlife viewing opportunities including camping stays in Etosha and Kgaladagi. 

Currently there are 3 couples and 5 single ladies so ideally in a tent share situation, another female would be favourable. The age range is 30's to 60's and hopefully all will be young in spirit!  I am!  We have a mix of Americans,British, South African and Portuguese one of whom speaks no English but is fluent in French and Portuguese.

You would not be driving as three drivers have been arranged for the three vehicles.Just sit back and enjoy the trip!

The cost per person is $3950 which covers all except alcohol, tips and personal items.  You need to pay for flights to Cape Town and out of Windhoek and travel insurance too.

Let me know by PM if you are interested and I'll share the full itinerary and any details you need to know.


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Ooops, I made a mistake, the cost is actually $3650 so an even better bargain!

The agenda is as follows starting July 14th.




Arrive in CapeTown

Greenpoint -  Room


CapeTown - Hop on/Hop off Bus -Table Mnt

Greenpoint -  Room


Cape of Good Hope / Penguins / Mama Africa

Greenpoint -  Room


Vergenoegd Wine Estate / Duck parade!

Greenpoint - Room


Augrabies Falls

Augrabies Room / Room & CS


Augrabies 1/2 day Game Drive / Kalahari Trails

Kalahari Trails / camping


Meerkat Walk / Kgalagadi Trans-Frontier / Game Drive

Nossob / camping


Kgalagadi Trans-Frontier / Game Drive

Nossob / camping


Kgalagadi Trans-Frontier / Game Drive

Mata Mata / camping


1/2 day Game Drive / Quiver Tree Forest 

Quiver Tree / camping


Cheetah experience / Naukluft Mountain Zebra Park

Naukluft / camping


Hiking / Mountain Zebra reserve / Water hole

Soft Adventure Camp / Room


Sossusvlei Dunes morning / Swakopmund afternoon

Sophia Dale / camping



Omandumba / camping


San Bushman visit morning / Outjo for lunch/ Party night

Oppi Koppi / Room & CS



Omangunda / camping


Himba visit / Lodge Sundowners and buffet

Opuwo Country Lodge / Room & CS


Etosha / Game Drive / Water hole by night

Okaukuejo / camping


Etosha / Game Drive / Water hole by night

Halali / camping


Etosha / Game Drive 

Namuntoni / camping


Etosha / Game Drive / Water hole by night

Okaukuejo / camping


Windhoek / Farewell Dinner

Trans-Kalahari Inn / Room 


Windhoek - depart






9 nts hotel



13 nts camping



8 safari days


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Still looking for one extra person if anyone is interested. Extra days in Cape Town before we start is also an option, you just need to sort it out yourself but that's easily done. We plan to arrive on 11/7.


You get all your food, park entry fees, camping fees, guest house fees, vehicle and a chauffeur thrown in. It's a bit of a bargain IMO and should be great fun. 

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@Dave Williams Wait one: I'm just diving down behind the sofa cushions to see what I can come up with. Looks like a great trip, especially for someone who hasn't been to Namibia before.



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