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Crowned Lapwing/Plover (Vanellus Coronatus)

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Abundant especially in drier areas like the Kalahari. Lapwing or Plover?

Stealing from a post by @@armchair bushman :

A quick note on the Plover/Lapwing name debate for those of you who are interested.
These birds were originally called Plovers (Crowned Plover, Wattled Plover, Blacksmith Plover, etc.) despite being in a different genus from TRUE plovers like the Three Banded Plover.
The Northern Lapwing (a Palearctic migrant) has the scientific name Vanellus vanellus. All of our larger lapwings are also Vanellus spp. So it made sense to try to end some confusion by renaming them Lapwings. Vanellus coronatus becomes the Crowned Lapwing to align it better with its well-known European cousin of the same genus.
What it did, however, was just cause even more confusion and now no one knows what to call them. The official Kenya List put out by Nature Kenya in conjunction with Birdlife International, still calls them Plovers. Some books provide both names.


Central Kalahari Game Reserve, 03/2014



Maasai Mara, 09/2014

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Some Vanellus coronatus eggs we found on a drive recently in Mara Naboisho. Took us a long time to actually see them in the grass.


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