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Project leader Selous game reserve Tanzania from june 2014

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Project Leader
Frankfurt Zoological Society
Selous Game Reserve

An exciting opportunity exists for an exceptional conservation practitioner (or couple)
with proven experience in protected area management and resource protection to
lead the Frankfurt Zoological Society’s Selous Conservation Project in the Selous
Game Reserve, Tanzania.

Frankfurt Zoological Society
Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) conserves wildlife and ecosystems focusing on protected
areas and outstanding wild places. We aim to work with and for people to secure biodiversity
in key ecosystems worldwide as the basis for all life and the livelihoods of present and future
generations. FZS maintains long-term conservation programmes in Africa, South America,
Asia and Europe. The Africa Programme is the Society’s largest and oldest and works with
partners in five focal countries: Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Zambia
and Zimbabwe. The Africa Regional Office is situated in the Serengeti National Park,
Tanzania. For more information on the Society and our projects, please visit our website at

Selous Game Reserve
The Selous Game Reserve (SGR) is Africa’s largest protected area, and internationally
recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Covering approximately 55,000 km2, the
reserve is embedded in one of the largest remaining wilderness areas on the continent, and
in the past has been home to approximately 40% of Tanzania’s total elephant population. In
the 1970s the Selous ecosystem was estimated to have in excess of 100,000 elephants, but
this population has been steadily declining due to heavy poaching pressure and today the
estimates are a little over 13,000. Other threats such as Uranium mining, hydropower
damming and livestock encroachment are also endangering the outstanding values of the
Selous Game Reserve.
In 2012 FZS restarted its work in the SGR in partnership with Tanzania’s Wildlife Division
(WD). The new Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism has asked the Frankfurt
Zoological Society to help support the management of the reserve with a specific focus on
resource protection and anti-poaching activities, as well as ecological and threat monitoring.

The Position:
Project Leader (PL), Selous Game Reserve
Purpose of the job
To support all aspects of Protected Area Management for the conservation of the Selous
Game Reserve and its Outstanding Universal values by working with SGR management
team to provide direct technical support to build systems and capacity for resource
protection, monitoring and effective and efficient management and to ensure that the
logistics are in place to facilitate implementation of the strategy.

Major Outputs
Reserve Management
• Policies, procedures, processes and systems that improve the operational
effectiveness of SGR developed and implemented such that strategies and plans
maximise conservation impact
• Effective and appropriate Standard Operational Procedures for all aspects of PAM
that SGR is mandated to implement drawn up and implemented
• SGR Code of Conduct and Disciplinary code evaluated, updated, endorsed and
• SGR Law Enforcement Strategy drawn up, endorsed, implemented and updated
• Positive relations with the communities and key SGR stakeholders including hunting
and photographic tourism operators built and maintained,
• SGR Law Enforcement Staffing and Training Plan/Strategy agreed and implemented
including manpower, staffing deployment, training etc
• The success of SGR activities and team performance in reaching quarterly and
annual goals ensured
• Annual work plans and budgets prepared and implemented, and progress to relevant
parties reported on.
• Resource protection enhanced through the provision of anti-poaching training and
the establishment of intelligence networks.
• The Ecological and Threat Monitoring Programme for the SGR developed and
• The SGR General Management Plan reviewed and implemented.
• Spatial Monitoring Reporting Tool (SMART) developed, implemented from patrol
data collection, to data entry through to good analysis and detailed feedback and
performance management at all levels of SGR personnel.
• Establishment of performance agreements and monitoring and evaluation systems
for all management positions supported.
Partner relations
• Good relations with the SGR management team, sector wardens and rangers built
and maintained
• Trust and effective relationships built with in-country partners, stakeholders and
donors to ensure that project objectives are met and long-term sustainability is built
• The SGR Project Manager and relevant Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
(MNRT) staff informed on all matters pertaining to the project with a specific focus on
resource protection and ecological and threat monitoring
• All project personnel recruited and managed correctly
• Provide technical advice to ensure that the SGR Code of Conduct is appropriate,
implemented and followed.
Finance and administration
• All legal agreements and permits in place to operate in SGR over the next 10 years
• All project procurement managed
• Funds from external sources raised
• Finances and administrative systems managed, including planning and reporting, as
per FZS, donor and partner requirements
• Yearly work plans developed, with budgets according to the project logframe for FZS
core funds, private donors and governmental third party funds
• Financial and narrative reporting as per FZS and donor requirements submitted in a
timely manner

The Africa Director may assign additional responsibilities during the course of the contract,
as deemed necessary for achieving the project outcomes.

The PL will have demonstrated project management skills and experiences with a strong
background in resource protection and ecological and threat monitoring.
a. Qualifications and experience – essential
• Demonstrated skills and extensive experience in field-based natural resource and
wildlife protection
• Strong experience in Ecological and Threat Monitoring
• Fluency in English
• Experience managing and motivating project field staff
• Ability and willingness to live and work in a remote area where communication is
b. Qualifications and experience – desired
• Working experience in Tanzania and/or East Africa
• Fluency in KiSwahili
• Success in fundraising
• Donor funded project management experience – particularly financial management
c. Behavioural Competencies
i. Leadership, ii. Developing and motivating others iii. Teamwork, iv. Planning, organizing,
and management control to oversee project implementation. v. Practical Approach, vi. Social

Terms of Employment:
A competitive salary will be offered, based on qualifications and experience. The full-time
position will be based in Matambwe at the Wildlife Division Headquarters, Selous Game
Reserve, with occasional travel to Dar-Es-Salaam and the FZS Africa Regional Office in
Serengeti National Park as needed.

Couples are encouraged to apply as we are aware that this role is all encompassing and will
require dedication and a long-term commitment that is best achieved by a dynamic couple.
FZS has achieved significant success at our other project sites across the region where
couples have taken on the Projects. Where there are couple applications please submit
both CVs and answer the below listed questions separately.

Additional benefits include:
• Basic housing
• Medical insurance
• 30 days paid leave
An initial contract of 24 months will be offered from 1st June 2014 until 31st May

To apply, please email a CV and covering letter to by 10th May 2014. The
covering letter will be used to judge the quality of your application and should answer the
following questions:
1. What led you to apply for this position?
2. What is the single most important technical ability that you would bring to the project?
3. What is the single most important technical ability that you would need to develop to
successfully manage the project?
4. What is your single most important personal characteristic that would help you succeed
in this job?
5. Why are you considering to leave (or leaving) your current position?
Short-listed applicants will be notified by the 15th May.

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Surely we have some Safaritalk members for whom this would be the dream job, and who have the skills? Sadly I do not speak Swahili........... ;):lol:


Good luck to anyone who applies and let us know if you get the job!.

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Agreed. Looks like a fabulous opportunity.

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