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Hi for the first time in 21 years I had to make the decision in August to give food to 21 wild hippos here in the Save Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe. I did this back in 92 which allowed the last remaining river hippos to survive, a total of 13 hippos. All other hippos in that river system died. Two of the 13 hippos conceived while feeding and 49 calves have been born since that horrendous drought. Here we are in 2013 and a localised drought has put the Turgwe Hippos in danger. Due to the illegal settlers that moved into the Conservancy back in 2000 there is nowhere that the hippos can move to to find grazing away from this area. Their old territories were taken over by people and livestock and the rest of the Conservancy does not have the water sources that the hippos require or the grazingpost-6735-0-11812700-1380111085_thumb.jpg.

So I decided to feed. Thanks to the Harmony Fund of the USA we managed to purchase a reliable old second hand four by four in order to feed the three groups of hippos. We have thanks to the hippo supporters managed to keep going until now but by the middle of October we will not have any funds left to buy hay, survival ration and pay for the transport for the food. So we need help. If every person reading this donated even twenty dollars we could purchase food. If you are in the States and you go to this appeal you will get a receipt for tax purposes. Please help us to save these hippos. Here is a link to my video as well so that you can see that we are actually on the ground feeding the hippos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS_kaUdJY9o .


the link for the appeal is here.
Thank you all Karen Paolillo Turgwe Hippo Trust Zimbabwe September 2013


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