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@@Tom Kellie and @@graceland, thank you for the encouragement.


The problem is that I need the photos in order to jog my memory a bit. But there is a TR somewhere on another forum, so I will go and read that upi again. Will get cracking on it later today, just need to go and see the quack first.


@@graceland, if being worried about getting lost is your most serious concern, I have great news for you. It's called a GPS. The better ones log (and show) where you have been, so you never end up driving in circles!




LOL @@Peter Connan, We used one in Greece (were trying to help the economy!) and even though it spoke English, we heard Greek and still managed to miss turns! I think we will stick to walking safaris with guides :D (although we were with one who kept pulling his GPS out so I imagine we were lost.....thank goodness he had a satellite phone!)


I will leave self driving to the intrepid safari talk team members who are a bit more adventurous and self assured than I...


But I do encourage the posting of the report; it'd be fun to read!

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Posted (edited)

Your wedding picture is fit for an art gallery, @@Peter Connan!

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Totally amazing Peter, I too would love to hear more about it!


Best self driving... where to start. We were lucky enough to take a year off from life and self drive around Namibia, Bots, Zam and a bit of SA. In terms of the pure actual driving, well it has to be Namibia. A couple of areas stand out. Kaokoveld and the Namib desert. Damaraland too - inland from the skeleton coast. Very, very isolated areas where one feels very small! You don't want to go there without a GPS!!!! The Namib we spent 6 days through the desert guided with a group of friends in 5 other vehicles. Basically you have to be guided otherwise you get lost, stuck and dead. So this selection are more scenery than wildlife - which pretty much summed up Namibia for us (with the exception of Etosha). We ended up spending over 4 months in this fabulous country. And we are lucky to have friends there in the desert so get back 'fairly' regularly.

















And a random couple from the slightly wetter home (Zambia)!








Mali was pretty good too. When we lived in Ghana we headed up there several times:






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