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Am kenneth Karuhanga Director of Bushmemories Safaris, i was born and raised in Uganda the pearl of Africa.

I was very lucky to have been born to Perie kakuliremu who had passion for travel and nature.We visited many parks and places in Africa when i was young.This made me have many Bushmemories.IAt university i did Environmental science , this helped me to know more a bout nature.I got change to work with both local and international organisations,during this time i world with mountain gorillas in bwindi national park with ecotourism projects and got involved in habituation of mountain gorillas and this earned me the name Bushman since then my life has never been the same.

This lead to the birth of Bushmemories Safaris .Am happy my mum now 76 years(18/05/2013) can see me my dream come true and all my clients once in the Bush always in the Bush.

Now i run a small camp site at the base of rwenzoris and named it after my son Hunter called Eco-hunters planet.

Below is a brief info to get to know more.








Travel in East Africa encompasses a vast array of experiences, many memorable moments are expected from any of our safaris from this magnificent part of the magical Africa, that continues to bring smilies.Its a time of discovery and wonderment, were unlimited wildlife, culture and people delights both parent and child from dawn to dusk.


BUSHMEMORIS is the manufacture of quality adventure tour packages, truly a unique tour operator offering African Tours with a special flavour to experience the real Africa with a full range of possibilities from traditional safaris with game viewing, birdwatching, mountaineering, to specially designed tours for a greater immersion into African nature, culture and traditions.

As a company that truly believes in sustainable tourism, we aim to preserve the beauty and character of Africa with emphasis on the unique character of its heritage ecology and art, making tourism a way to protect and support the areas we visit instead of altering and transforming them, thus our Moto CONSERVATION THRU SUSTAINABLE TOURSIM. We respect local cultures and make sure that our visitors will understand and appreciate the African way of living, its incredible closeness to the roots, the lack of stress, the joy, the simplicity and the complete acceptance of life that all Africans seem to have.

Our proudest calm in all our destinations is that BUSHMEMORIES has been there our Safari specialists have stayed at the Campsites, Tentedcamps, Homes, and Hotels, walked the Trails, Tracked the game and snapped the photos. Our dedication and long established relationships with local guides and wildlife managers through out the region has earned us a great deal to our clients, were you come as guest and leave as friend. Our passion about Africa is our promise that you will have a life time experience which you will never forget.

Please join us for one or combination of those special safaris where your holiday makes a difference to you, the people and the place you visit, enrich the mind and stir the soul for years to come thus you craft BUSHMEMORIES to last a life time.

Safari enjema

Ken Bushman.







It is our aim to provide you with the experience of a lifetime in East Africa. To ensure this all personal itineraries are carefully planned in accordance with your individual requirements. You may consult our team to make alterations to your itineraries or ask any questions.

BUSHMEMORIES Safaris guarantees:

  • Fast, Personal responses to enquiries
  • Expert, English Speaking Guides
  • Superb Safari Food
  • Quality Service

Many people go to Africa and then wish that they had talked to someone who knew the area in question first. Our staff provides a friendly, up to date source of information prior to your departure. Several of the team has worked out in the bush on scientific research expeditions, giving them even deeper insight into Eastfrica incredible diversity.

All our East Africa safaris are private. We provide a high staff: client ratio, ensuring personal service no matter what size your group. Each member of safari staff speaks good English and has been carefully selected for their professional experience and detailed local knowledge, from bird watching to botany.

Bush memories Safaris will take you to remote, ecologically and culturally important locations, which have been developed in cooperation with local communities. Many of these are offered exclusively by Bushmemories Safaris and are always the highlight of our clients' trip.

There will also be the option of having a photographer on hand to help you how get the best from your photographs. There is even the option of having a digital or slide photo-documentary made of your holiday.

We issue safari certificates and our prices are competive, there are no hidden costs, no surprise, no options sold thus excellent value.

Dinning is an important and delight full part each day in Africa, while on dinner every night we invite a guest speaker normally a Naturalist or wildlife Manager to talk to clients .

As a company we are dedicated to the promotion of conservation, community education and sustainable resource use. Your tailor-made East African safari will directly help fund

Various projects around East Africa. It is possible to visit many of these projects in action, just asks your personal safari agent for more information.



OUR MISSION: At BUSHMEMORIES we provide holidays with a focus on adventure, conservation and sustainable tourism. We are unique in that we can also arrange for you to undertake volunteer work at local organizations. This will allow you to fully experience the country you are visiting, while supporting local communities in Africa.
We are very aware in how our choices impact wildlife and the planet; we therefore promote and encourage making sound ethical travel choices. Our business is the result of our passion for life and our inherent love of nature and wild places. We will arrange for you to explore the most fascinating corners of Africa in the way that suits you best. Just a few of the experiences that we can provide are:
  • Gorilla trekking
  • White water rafting
  • Relaxing beach holidays
  • Kilimanjaro climb
  • Classic safaris
  • Family holidays
  • Honeymoons

In short, we aim to give you more than just a holiday in Africa. We aim to give you an experience, to make you feel the wonder and beauty of the continent, to give you extraordinary memories as well as photographs to take home, and we aim to do this in a way that benefits local communities and sustains the environment.
Sustainable tourism is our primary commitment.
Sustainable tourism is achieved by working closely with local communities and making the best use of local resources. We are in open talk with the governments and international organisations to make sustainable tourism an important consideration for African economies. We are fighting to keep Africa beautiful, unspoiled and real, not to turn it into a giant amusement park. We love Africa and we hope the service we provide will make you love it too.

You don't need to be a religious institution or a non-profit organisation to actively help development, conservation and prosperity in Africa. At BUSHMEMORIES we want to prove this - help us rise to the challenge! .

I would love to hear from any one who is interested to know more a bout my country or any topic a bout nature ,conservation and safari around the world.


Ken Bushman












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Welcome to Safaritalk Kenneth. I have moved this topic to the dedicated operators forum where you can share news from Bushmemories with us. Feel free to join in the other discussions, looking forward to your input.



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Welcome to safaritalk.net :)

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Ken Karuhanga and Bushmemories are a fraud and should not be trusted with travel plans.

Here is the story:

Four months ago we reached out to Ken for a proposal to organize our trip to Tanzania. He is based in Uganda but is also listed as leading tours in Tanzania on your website, and his proposed itinerary and reviews made him seem like a good fit. He said he would be the guide for both our six-day ascent of Kilimanjaro and our five-day safari from Moshi. He asked for a $1000 deposit to cover national park fees and staffing costs, which seemed fair.

One week before the trip Ken told us he needed more money since it was the holiday season and costs were higher. We felt it was unfair to change the budget right before we started traveling, but agreed to move forward with the trip as planned and to pay the extra sum when we arrived.

When we arrived in Moshi and expected to meet Ken, we instead met a woman named Neema Mushi who runs an agency called Licious Travel Adventures (also on your site). She explained that Ken was not coming to Tanzania at all, that her price of the trip was under budget and that Ken had not forwarded any of the deposit money we had sent him.

We spent many evenings frantically trying to reach Ken and recover the deposit money to run our trip as planned, but Ken said he had needed the money for "another project" and couldn't send it right now. He finally sent $175 to Neema, but that didn't cover half of the new price increases she insisted on.

Possibly worst of all we learned that Ken had been pushing Neema lower and lower on her price, while asking us for more and more money. When we asked him what he felt he did to deserve the $825 cut he took for himself, he said something about booking the one hotel we stayed in during our trip.

Our experience with Ken was one of: 1) misleading us to believe that he would be leading the trip; 2) never once mentioning he was reselling our trip to an extreme budget agency; 3) lies about early cost increases of the trip and sticking us with the bill of the actual increases; 4) theft of our deposit money (he still refuses to return it)

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