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Found 4 results

  1. West Kilimanjaro savanna is nomadic destination for wildlife safaris and Nature trekking West Kilimanjaro and Savanna nearby Amboseli This is exclusive Nomadic destination which includes Volcano Mountain, Forest, wildlife and savanna. Enduimet is Wildlife Management Area (WMA) which is part of Mount Kilimanjaro Conservation and local people Masai plus chagga. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and safari bookings Tanzania information portal. Nomad adventure destination Enduimet is near Engarusai Open Area to the west and the Kenyan border to the north, Amboseli. Tourists who do not want to make full climbing package to summit, can do partly trekking Kilimanjaro exploring beauty of Shira route and watching wildlife animals at place. Enduimet is a wildlife corridor at Kilimanjaro foothill via Kitanden and Irikaswa. These are ancient natural corridor occupied by elephant that climb its hidden valleys, gorges and high grasslands into the dense, secret forests of Kilimanjaro VS Amboseli browsing for food and salt lick. West Kilimanjaro and wildlife Wildlife safaris options are 4 x 4 game drives and walking safaris escorted by Maasai warriors to see many elephants with biggest tusks as well as popular With shy leopard, miniature dikdik antelope, and the tall, beautiful Lesser Kudu with its twisted horns etc. 2 days One Night at West Kilimanjaro Day 01: Drive to West Kilimanjaro to the Luxury tented Camp en suite near Shira. Tented camp a private concession of about 600 square km, bordering Kenya at Amboseli National Park, offers spectacular landscapes with Magnificent views of Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Ol Doinyo Longido and Ol Doinyo Orok. Maasai “bomas” are sparsely scattered in Sinya, with a total population of no more than 2.000 people living in a huge area. These Maasai are still living the traditional way and are not used to the commercial relationship with tourists that is common in more visited areas. They are spectacularly dressed and follow all the traditional ceremonies. They are very friendly and we have been able o developed a privileged relationship with them. This is a Community Conservation Project benefiting the maasai of Sinya. Second Day, Go to trek Shira Plateau Kilimanjaro road Kilimanjaro View and drive back to Arusha or Kilimanjaro Airport. More reading and booking Vacation Trips
  2. Planning African safaris need travel tips about wildlife safari destinations accommodation. When you travel to East Africa especially Northern circuit of Tanzania, tourist need one stop quality accommodation in Arusha. Arusha is famous safari city in Tanzania and is nearby to Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO. Kilimanjaro Airport JRO is arrival entry to Northern circuit safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro, JRO is only 45 minutes drive to Arusha. Hotels in Arusha vary in location, standard, price and quality of services. Travel tips helps you to know more about Hotels in Arusha and then make your choice according to budget and interest. Tanzania safari booking need information about wildlife safari destinations such as Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Karatu is a small tourist town near to Ngorongoro. There are affordable quality safari Lodges in Karatu and are suitable for low budget travelers and backpackers to afford Tanzania safari. These safari lodges in Karatu sometimes are more quality than those safari lodges and safari camps inside Ngorongoro Conservation area.
  3. Ngorongoro Crater Crater Live coverage on ABC TV - Good Morning America. USA TV more than 50 millions audiences saw live coverage of wildlife safaris 4 x 4 game drives for 3 hours in Ngorongoro Crater. Television crew from American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in its Good Morning America programme ignited the travel to Tanzania for wildlife safaris. ABC TV filming and airing live footages from Ngorongoro Crater to the US may have captured almost all types of wildlife found in Ngorongoro Conservation area, Africa Natural Wonder. On Tuesday 23 Febr, Tanzania went live across world, thanks to ABC TV. Next Expected Natural wonder to be seen can be Mount Kilimanjaro.
  4. Safari Lodges, Camps and Tour Operators which operates responsible travel must observe ecotourism rules. Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." (TIES, 1990). Tourists planning and booking Africa safaris are advised to get information about Eco Lodges and travel companies which operates responsible travel.

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