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Found 12 results

  1. SOUTHERN EXPLORER SAFARI MAJOR WILDLIFE HIGHLIGHTS: elephants, buffalo, giraffe, lions, leopard, cheetah, wild dogs, roan, gemsbok AREA: Kennedy pans to Ngwehla pan, Hwange National Park CAMPSITE(S): Kennedy 2 ACCOMMODATION: EXPLORER CAMP - offers full board safari cuisine, crisp linen, each guest tent has an alfresco en-suite bathroom featuring a shower bucket and a ceramic flush toilet ACTIVITIES: predominantly guided safari walks and some game drives TERMS: minimum 4, maximum 6 guests DURATION: minimum 4 nights STATUS: private tour ACCESS: 230 kilometers by road from Victoria Falls
  2. This is a great mobile tented safari to Mana Pools, guided by Doug Macdonald which has 4 spaces left. The safari is 4 nights on the Mana Pools Flood Plain and then 3 Nights at Chitake Springs. You also have the option of adding in Kanga Pan at the start and then Chikwenya for the last part to give you the complete Mana Pools experience. This is a great time of year to see the Wild Dog Packs operating on the flood plain and hopefully they will have all their puppies with them at this time of year learning to be Wild dogs. Please have a look at the link below for the full details and contact me to book your space for this top safari. Mana Pools 7 Nights – Chitake and Flood Plain – Guided by Doug Macdonald
  3. Hi ST, I'm new to the forum so apologies if this topic has already been answered - I couldn't seem to find it anywhere.. I'm going to be in RSA on my own in late April/early May with a week to spare and I am looking at doing some form of walking safari - ideally camping out as you go (ie Primitive trail in Imfolozi) for 4/5 nights. Does anyone have any recommendations of good trails to do? I dont want to use a middle man/tour operator and would rather use just the parks (KNP/SANP etc). My order of priorities for any perfect walking safari experience would be quality of game, bush experience and price. I have done a fair amount of bush camping in Tanzania, Botswana etc before so the more rural the experience the better I guess. Anyway, many thanks for your help in advance and I look forward to hearing from you all in due course. Much appreciated! Jangille
  4. This is a set date safari guided by Doug Macdonald for a maximum of 6 guests that will give you 5 nights on the flood plain area in a mobile camp and then 2 nights at the new Kavinga Safaris Camp,this is a permanent camp built at the back of Mana Pools NP in a private area on the Rukomeshi River - not far from Chitake Springs. The safari is costed to start and end in Harare but this can be adjusted if you would like to add in other safari areas of Zimbabwe or other countries. Please have a look at the safari using the following link Please contact me for details on
  5. I have space for anyone interested in coming to Mana Pools for an amazing safari in this top destination, game drives, night drives, cruises on the zambezi river and of course walking being a key component of this wonderful safari. A really good time to see this park. Please use this link or visit my website to see the details of the safari. Please contact me on for any questions - I look forward to hearing from you.
  6. We were blessed… It had been a bit of slow game drive that morning; we had not seen a whole lot. The bush is still very thick, as the rains have only just finished in Hwange. To make matters a bit worse my two guests pretty much spoke no English so it was a drive with lot of broken English from them and broken Spanish from me and a lot of hand gestures. We had gone round the salt spring loop and were just coming out on the Mandavu side when I saw an Ele bull drinking at a little river than runs along the edge of the grassland. I looked at him through my binos, a big old bull with decent ivory. I told the guests, more with hand signals that we were going to walk. We all jumped out and I went through my safety talk, again with a lot of hand gestures and using my broken Spanish. Basically It was stay close to me and don’t run whatever happens. The wind was good for us and we worked our way along the tree line so the bull would not pick us up. The little river that he was drinking from was about three meters wide and had banks about a foot and half high. He was right at the edge of the bank and had to lean forward and down to get his trunk to the water. I had spotted a good spot for us to approach into. It was a little scrub Mopane that was quite bushy and would give us good cover. It was also just on the other side of the little river so we would be about five meters from the bull but still have the river between us which I knew he could cross if he really wanted too but he couldn’t do it quickly. We snuck into that point unnoticed by the bull and were crouched down looking at him through the leaves. When you are that close it is amazing to see how he sucks water up into his trunk and then sprays it into his mouth, you not only get to see it close up but also to hear it. The sound of him sucking and his trunk flexing as he does then you can look into his mouth as he leans his head back and sprays the water into it. We had been sat like this for a couple of minutes when one of the guests shifted there weight and make a scrapping sound in the sand. The bull immediately stopped dead still and picked up his head, staring into the bush that were hiding behind. I knew he couldn’t see us as long as we kept still. I turned my head slowly and gestured to them not to move. I could see on their faces that they were nervous now that the bull was alert. I made a thumb’s up sign and smiled at them, they gave a half smile back at me. The bull was just standing and staring at our bush. The bank that he was on was probably a foot higher that the one were on so he looked even bigger than he actually was. And he was big to start with let me tell you. Then slowly he leans forward and down and dips his trunk in the water and with a huge flex of his trunk takes up a load of water. To digress slightly here, a big elephant bull can suck up to ten liters of water into his trunk in one go. As I have said already this was a big bull. After he has sucked the water up he makes like he is going to spray in into his mouth and then suddenly stretches his trunk forward and blasts the water in the bush that we are hiding in. His aim is perfect, we are all soaked, I have a huge smile on my face and turn to look at my guests with water running down my face. I see that they are just as wet as I am. They look terrified; when they see the huge grin that I have on my face they calm down a bit and manage a half smile. Again I give them the thumbs up and they relax. The bull does this three more times; by the end of it we are all drenched, water running down our faces and our clothes soaked. Like I knew it was more of a mission to cross this little river for him than he was wanting, so just decided to see what it was he had heard in the bush by blasting it with water. When we hadn’t moved at all after the four blasts of water he relaxed and decided that there was nothing to worry about in the bush and relaxed again and continued drinking as he was before. We sat for another five minutes enjoying the moment and the slowly pulled back. When we got back to the car I looked and the bull was still drinking none the wiser to the fact that three people had just snuck up to within five meters of him. He had given us the official Hwange big bull blessing!
  7. I have a safari that I am guiding that starts from Arusha on the 23rd February 2015 and ends back in Arusha on the 3rd March 2015. The basic itenerary of this adventure safari that will take you to places little seen in Northern Tanzania by your usual safaris. We have 4 spaces left on this safari so if it is of interest please let me know as soon as possible to secure your place. 23rd February - Overnite Moivaro Lodge Arusha 24th February - Road Transfer to Empakai Crater - Walking starts down into the crater and then camping in small tents near the rim of the crater. 25th February - The Day walking through Masaai lands and pastures to Acacia campsite in view of Oldonyo Lengayi. 26th February - The Day walking to Lake Natron - overnite Lake Natron camp. 27th February - Early Morning Start to climb Oldonyo Lengayi and then back to camp for rest and see more of Lake Natron. 28th February - Vehicle transfer to Ronjo Camp on the Serengeti. We spend three nights here with pvt vehicle exploring this very busy part of the Serengeti which at this time of the year should have all the animals in residence and calving. 3rd February - Flight from Serengeti back to Arusha. Cost per person - US$5350.00 No single supplement includes all parks fees, transfers, accommodation and meals. If you would like the full details please contact me on
  8. We are planning our second trip to Tanzania for September 21, through October 10, 2015. How long in Katavi and Mahale are pretty much set. We can't imagine fewer than 7 in Katavi nor fewer than 4 in Mahale. Because of flights we expect to do Thursday through Thursday Katavi and Thursday through Monday Mahale. First set of questions focus on Katavi - More than likely we'll spend 4 nights at Chada and do game drives those days. We will have our own vehicle and guide. The other 3 nights are being negotiated. Seems there are limited resources for true, multiday fly camping or walking mobile camps. About all there seems to be through the various TOs we are talking to are the 'canned' 1 or 2 shared fly camp nights. We want to explore as much of Katavi as is practical. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to best use these 3 nights is greatly appreciated. Mahale seems pretty straight forward. We're planning to stay at Greystoke. If there is more to plan for besides chimp tracking, we're all ears. The grand question(s): We'll arrive at NBO late Sunday night. This gives us 3 nights/3days to work with prior to our AM flight to Katavi. Currently we are looking at staying at a Seasonal Camp in the Kogatende area. To make this feasible, we are planning to use the new Coastal flight from Nairobi to the Serengeti. Otherwise, we'll burn all of Monday flying to Dar or Arusha and connecting on to someplace else. Thoughts on the new Coastal flight and our use of these 3 days is appreciated. The Grander question(s): We'll fly out of Mahale on Monday. We don't need to be back to Nairobi until Saturday evening. This gives us 5 nights/ 4 1/2 days to work with. We are currently looking at 4 or 5 nights on a light walking safari in the northern most wilderness zone in the Serengeti. We might finagle a way to stay an extra day so we'd do 3 nights walking in Grumeti WZ area and 3 nights in the Kogatende WZ area. Both of these are very appealing to us but... What would you do with 5 nights originating in Mahale and ending in Nairobi? We considered Ruaha and/or Selous but flights don't seem to be conducive. Besides, they appear to warrant their own trip another time. We'd considered flying north for some Gorilla tracking but no TO has incorporated this as an option. We are looking at Serian or Wayo for the walking safari in the Serengeti. Has anyone any experience with these companies? Do you recommend someone else? Look forward to your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks, GBE
  9. We have a very good safari at a great price of US$6749.00 per person for this 12 night safari - a minimum of two people and maximum of eight. The Safari starts in the Kafue National Park for 2 nights with Phil at Musekese Camp where you will be able to do game drives, nights drives, boating and walking and then moving up to the Busanga Plains for a two nights using a fly camp in a seldom seen area of the Busanga. Back to Musekese for one night before going to Lusaka for one night to catch your breath. Transfers are then arranged between Lusaka and Mana Pools where Doug Macdonald then takes over the guiding and you have four nights in a Mobile Camp on the famous Mana Pools flood plain where the walking safari will be the focus and trying to spend time with some of Mana's iconic animals on foot. We then move downstream to the very comfortable Chikwenya Safari lodge to spend your last two nights in this very productive private concession area. An air charter to Harare completes the safari. This safari is also available for 2015 and can be booked either through Doug Macdonald's Safaris or Jeffery & McKeith Safaris. Please contact us to get all the details. or
  10. We have negotiated a great rate for a pure walking safari right across Mana Pools guided by Doug Macdonald - The safari takes four nights and will start at the Western end of the park and finish on the Eastern border. Each day you will walk approximately 15kms and you will be required to carry no more than day pack as we will have a team setting up a basic mobile camp for us each night. The costs are based on a minimum group size of four and you have the option of adding Chikwenya Safari Lodge on to the end of the safari, or move to another park that we can arrange for you. 4 nights Safari including parks fees - US$1200.00 per person. 4 Nights safari Including Road Transfers to and from Harare - US$1450.00 per person 6 Nights Safari including two nights at Chikwenya and road transfers to and from Harare - US$2250.00 per person For all the details of the safari please go to my website and download the pdf. or contact me direct
  11. After nearly a decade of strife made the country a no-go zone for tourists, Zimbabwe is now undergoing a major economic revival, more political stability—and the return of its legendary safari guides. Welcome to the most intense big-game experience in Africa. Read more:

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