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Found 8 results

  1. Inspired somewhat by @Swazicar's current trip report and some excellent BBC footage I am seriously considering a 7-10 day trip to Alsaka next year. I would like to spend time observing and photgraphing bears but would also like to take to opportunity to observe whales and orcas if possible. There a number of operators availble from an internet search but would be grateful if anyone had any specific recommendations. I have had a look at the trip reports forum and there are a couple of helpful reports there but with the exception of the report from @Spalding there is not too much that is recent.
  2. Despite the best efforts of some Americans to seal off their southern border Mexican immigrants still make it across and not just the two-legged variety, the following is camera trap footage of El Jefe ‘The Boss’ America’s only wild jaguar. Due to a combination of hunting and habitat loss America’s largest cat became extinct as a breeding animal in the US by the mid 1900s with just occasional itinerant males like El Jefe turning up from time to time. Sightings like this always raise the question of whether jaguars should be reintroduced but the consensus amongst experts like Dr Alan Rabinowitz is that there is really insufficient habitat of a high enough quality left for the US to really support more than a very few jaguars. The US is also still a pretty hostile place for large carnivores and the reintroduction of Mexican wolves in this same region hasn’t been a total success so really rather than spend a lot of dollars re-establishing a small and insignificant population of US Jaguars much better to spend the money protecting larger more important populations further south. While young males leave the Northern Jaguar Reserve in Sonora Mexico in search of new territories travelling quite long distances young females tend to stay put so it's not likely any females will join El Jefe in US and introducing some isn't likely. So while it’s still fantastic to know that a wild jaguar is once more patrolling the mountains of Arizona with no wild females north of the border it's sadly very unlikely that The Boss will be fathering a new population of US Jaguars. Panthera El Jefe Makes an Appearance in Arizona Nat Geo Only Known Jaguar in U.S. Filmed in Rare Video
  3. It will be come the largest protected area on earth, 3,5 times bigger than California, 3 times larger than France. The current protected area will be enlarged to quadruple the Hawaian monument. It is expected to help the tuna fisheries to recover. There is an urgent need to create marine protected areas. 15% of lands and under protection, but only 2% of oceans are protected.
  4. With the controversial new bill last passed in Florida, in order to harvest some few black bear in the state, we can point a positive new: black bear are back in many stated where they were once on the brink of the extinction. Nat Geo published an article, exposing the situation about this charismatic species endemic of Northern America. The article points out: I have been happily surprised to note there could be nowadays more bears than in the 1600s:
  5. Some good news from Texas
  6. Reports, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in their press release dated March 26, 2015 To read the full press release click here. My understanding then, unless corrected is that the black rhino hunt which was auctioned by DSC, as discussed here, will go ahead.
  7. Hi, I am off to Washington DC for a conference at the end of April and I have an extra week of leave to add to the end of it. I was thinking of driving around Virginia, as there seem to be lots of old inns and B&Bs. We could see the mountains and vineyards etc. Anyone have any bright ideas of where/where not to go? Thanks
  8. From the NY Times today... The trade in illegal wildlife is a $19 billion annual business, and theres one place the world turns to investigate the crime: a federal forensics lab (and curiosity cabinet) in a hippie town in Oregon.

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