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Found 3 results

  1. Since this Park seems to be under-represented here in the Trip Reports forum, and since I visit for 1 to 3 weeks every year, I thought I would start a thread where I could share bits and pieces from my trips over the years to this lovely and spell-binding place. All of these are self-drive, although there are new lodges opening up now which would open the place up to people who want to be catered for on a higher level of luxury than normal chalets or "rough camping". Whether we as Kgalagadi purists agree with this approach is debatable (for selfish reasons of course - keeping the experience wild). Let the Kalahari magic begin! Anyone who has been is welcome to add images and stories to the thread... Oh, and I am headed there in 3 weeks again!
  2. The "Ghost Cats", as National Geographic titles a recent article about the Puma, one of the most widespread of all the cats, but also one of the most difficult to actually see in the wild. As this same article says later on: "These largely nocturnal cats are so secretive that camera traps are one of the best ways to illuminate their lives". This is about to change, though. I have scouted a place, the best local guides and a way to actually see and approach these gorgeous cats in plain daylight to get photos of a lifetime. If this wasn't enought, this new exclusive tour happens in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Torres del Paine N.P. and surrounding areas in Chilean Patagonia. Our itinerary, unique among all operators, is the first one designed with the main goal of producing great photographs of wild Pumas. This is probably the first ever photo tour for this elusive species, and the actual chances of finding them during the trip are very high. Our very small group will be guided by the absolute best Puma trackers in the region while we explore the amazing scenery of Torres del Paine in search of the ultimate Andean predator. - Only 6 photographers per tour. A small group guarantees quality and flexibility. - The best trackers in the region, with keen eyes for spotting Pumas and deep knowledge of their habits and how to find them. - Very high chances for great encounters. - Every guest, trackers and me will have a personal communication radio, so we have freedom to explore the area without risking missing anything, or to split the group in two to increase our chances. - Gorgeous hotel inside the park, minutes from the best Puma areas. - One morning also photographing beautiful horses running in a nearby estancia. - Non-photographers are also welcomed! Date: March 15 to 22nd of 2015. Fee: US$ 6,899 per person. To know more about this tour please visit my website at or go straight to this PDF for more details. Very limited spots, so if you want to photograph a wild Puma make sure to book early.
  3. Why choose Breakdown Safaris? We are a one-of-a-kind tour operator made up of people who intend to explore and identify the resources of the Tanzania. Our goal is to provide a memorable travel experience, while enhancing the understanding of the connectedness of all things living. We include people and culture, animals, insects and birds, plants of every size, as well as the creatures of the sea in our tours. Services: We at Breakdown Safaris are prepared to customize the journey of a lifetime – just for you! We are aware that every individual’s interests, passions, and comfort level vary – not to mention the depth of your pocket book! We have every customer fill out a Questionnaire that will help us get to know you. This detailed input from you, in collaboration with our own knowledge and experience, is utilized to tailor an experience that you will treasure. “Customer Service” is our passion Interested? It doesnt hurt to inquire. Email us at with any questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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