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Found 4 results

  1. Video I made on my recent trip of Satpura national park. This is huge male tiger and quite aggressive also. Somehow I managed to take good video during safari.
  2. Common kingfisher Green bee eater Oriental pied hornbill Indian peafowl Spotted owlet Black necked crane whistling teal Ruddy shelduck Indian skimmer Sarus crane Egret
  3. Hello, I m new in this forum. I my pleasure to meet all wildlife lover and photographer in this forum. I would also like to share my wildlife experience with you all. I hope you will enjoy my pictures which I had taken on my 31 days overland trip in inida. I started my travelling from jabalpur and then went to pench national park , kanha national park, bandhavgarh national park, panna national park, khajuraho, ranthamnore national park, Keoladeo bird sanctuary, corbett national park, rishikesh , rajaji national park and ended up in dehradun. It was really long journey and I had enjoyed lotss. In central India I could see Tigers and other wildlife like deer,jackal,wilddog,wildboar,birds. But in northern part of India like in Jim corbett national park and Rajaji national park we had trageted Asiatic elephant, because they found in that region only. It was a time when they had spreaded all over India but because of poaching and ivory problem they had migrated to northen part of india and some had gone till nepal aswell. Small poulation of Asiatic elephants live in souther part of india aswell Which also migrate according to the food supply and weather condition. Corbett and rajaji is very good for birding aswell. Below I have attached my pictures. Indian ghost tree from Pench national park Teak forest of pench national park. Barasingha or swamp deer from kanha national park sal forest of kanha national park Tamed Asiatic elephant from kanha. Collared scoops owl safari picture of panna national park.. everyone looking for tiger Muggar crocodile from panna national park - ken river ken river of panna national park T12 or T2 I m bit confused in name because guide said t12 but other said t2.. but it is confirmed that this tigress got shifted from bandhavgarh tiger reserve to panna 2 years back. Same tigress from panna, you can see radio collar on her neck. She is under obervation of forest dept. but still roams free inside the jungle. marking her territory by scratching and scat. It was evening time so she was getting ready for some hunt aswell. India roller from Panna not very clear picture but it is painted stork from keoladeo bird sanctuary Darter or snake bird. Can you imagine why we call him snake bird?? Jungle babbler or 7 sisiter. did you know that they mostly live in group of seven or more and chatter lots like 7 group of ladies:P very niosy bird, Thats why we call them 7 sister. Hanuman langur from corbett national park. I have seen one difference that they are more greyer than central indian langur.. Do you know whats the reason behind it?? game drive in Jim corbett national park It was our overland vehicle Camping at ghatghar. 40 kms towards north from corbett national park and 25 kms closer to nainital hills station. View from our camp site. Blue Whistling-Thrush Blue Whistling-Thrush Terrain of rajaji national park Changable hawk eagle - juvenile from rajaji Sambar deer from rajaji Asiatic elephant male - subadult from rajaji national park Asiatic elephant - Herd of female - rajaji Asiatic elephant - Herd of female - rajaji Guess the big mark.. ?? Changable hawk eagle - juvenile from rajaji Thrush from mussorie pictures taken at dhanaulti which is 20kms northwards from mussoorie pictures taken at dhanaulti which is 20kms northwards from mussoorie
  4. India is the only place where you can get 3 big cats out of 4. Royal Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion and Indian leopard. This December me and my team going to see and photograph them. We gonna travel minimum 4000/- km to search of them. Apart from them we will try to capture all those beautiful animal and birds which we will get on our way. We will start our journey With Royal Bengal tiger then we will move to Indian leopard and at last Asiatic lions. For the search of Tigers we will go Pench national park, kanha national park, Bandhavgarh national park and Ranthambore national park. All these places are known for Tigers and their rich wildlife. For the search of Indian leopard we will go Bera. You must have heard the name of kanha, bandhavgarh or pench, bharatpur, sariska or ranthambore but not bera. Thats why I will let you know about it. It is small village and home of nothing less that 40 leopards. Bera, an adventurer’s retreat is situated 180 km from Jodhpur and 150 km from Udaipur by road. The perfect base to explore the territory of the regal leopard, where sighting the wild beast is very common. While it is pleasant in the day, the mornings and nights are much cooler. The best time to visit the resort is from October to March. India has lots of very small patches which is still virgin and unknown among people and photographers. Capture lion and tiger in the camera is easy but taking one good snap of leopard is very hard, and in this case it doesn't matter that you are in africa or India. And because of their shy nature it is very difficult to take ! good picture of them. Thats why we are going Bera which is called leopard country. Where we give guarantee to show you leopard with their varies behaviors After Bera we will head to Gujarat " the land of Asiatic lion" . we will explore Gir national park for the search of Lions. Please follow the link to get more information about trip. Asiatic Lion Royal bangal tiger Indian leopard Google map of my trip.

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