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Found 2 results

  1. Planning trip to Africa in 2015; specifically, Botswana for safari followed by Capetown/ Winelands. Two couples; have narrowed camp choices to Chitabe Lediba, Duma Tau and Duba Plains; 3 nights at each in early April 2015. Very interested in seeing lions, cheetahs and leopards, oh my! Game variety is important and guides who will work us and themselves hard to find same. Questions: good choices of camps? Right time of year? Anyone know if Wilderness group will offer 6 country special next year so that prices in their 2 camps will be more "affordable"? First time safari for all of us; decided on Botswana for less congestion. Enjoy reading these forums; brand-new member; decided to not lurk around but jump in and ask for advice. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! This is my first post, so it's kind of an introduction and a question at the same time. I've been a wildlife enthusiast my whole life, and a mammal watcher specifically, though I enjoy a variety of animals including birds, herps and interesting fish (sharks, rays, seahorses - though I have yet to see the latter 2) I just joined this forum because finally I'm going to venture into Africa with my family! So hopefully I will be more active in the forum as I continue to explore this amazing sounding continent. We are going to Tanzania in February and are putting together an itinerary, comparing a few options and tour operators, by of course emphasizing that we want to see a variety of animals including the rare ones. Apart from the "Big 5" which every tour company puts tramendous effort into showing you, there are other animals you see like Cheetah, foxes, warthogs, giraffs, etc.. But then there are the ones that you don't get to see because they are so rare and sometimes elusive or just small so you miss them. I am probably interested in many of those animals as much as I am in the big 5! In addition to the big 5, if I came back with pictures of genets, civets, a caracal, a serval, an aardvark, an aardwolf, a honey badgers, wild dogs, a pangolin, striped hyenas, galagos etc. I'd be ecstatic. But that being said, I know I'm not going to see most of these, maybe with the exception of genets, civets and galagos during a night drive and a serval with some luck. So I'm making an effort to research where some of the other ones can be found, especially the high "wants" on the wish list, namely caracal and pangolin. Does anyone know any recent / current information that would help me in my quest? Our itinerary includes: 1 day at Arusha NP 1 day at Tarangire 1 Day at lake Manyara (and a night drive) 1 full day at Ngorongoro (plus a day of getting there) 2 full days at Ndutu/Southern serengeti 2 Full days in Central Serengeti 1 day at Lake Eyasi (this is less for wildlife and more for culture) I definitely want to add a 2nd night drive somewhere, and looking at Manyara Ranch as an option for one of the first 2 nights. Is there any place where Caracal or Pangolin have been sighted recently, sighted with "more frequency than normal" recently, a waterhole they've come to visit repeatedly, a current den, or anything of that nature? As for some of the other species I listed: Manyara ranch night game drive seems like it would have actually decent chances for aardwolf AND aardvark. I've heard of a person who saw 3 aardvarks there in 1 night, and another who saw 2 aardwolves, a porcupine, and several genets and civets on one night. Kisima Ngeda property on Lake Eyasi apparently has an aardvark currently living on the campground (confirmation?) and a den of striped hyena behind some rocks on a lookout platform or something like that? Those would add so much to my family and I's experience while on the safari. Any similar tips about caracal, pangolin, or any other species I listed would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance!!! Tomes

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