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Found 4 results

  1. I was very pleased to read the following story in the Daily Telegraph this morning, it would appear from looking up this story on their website that they are moving towards being a subscription only site so you may not be able to read the full story. However I have found the same story in the Sun so I will provide a link to that as well. British Army Gurkha 'super-tracker' hunting poachers in Gabon to save last remaining elephants The Gurkhas are extremely well trained in the art of jungle warfare mainly in Brunei but I presume also in Belize and when it comes to tracking Corporal Rai is clearly the best of the best, the British Army has actually been involved in ranger training in Gabon since 2015, I hope that the skills that Corporal Rai can pass on will really start to turn the tide. Forest elephants have been taking a real hammering in recent years and evidence shows that they reproduce very slowly and that the effect of poaching is even worse than it is for their savannah cousins and could cause their extinction and without intervention certainly will cause the extinction of some populations. Like the lowland gorillas that share these forests the forest elephant is a vital component of the ecology of the rainforests of Gabon and the wider Congo Basin distributing the seeds of many different tree species. Their loss would have a huge impact on the fauna and flora of this region. Besides the ecological impact, if Gabon is ever to seriously get its act together and develop a proper wildlife tourist industry then it needs to ensure that it's elephants are safe so that tourist will be able to visit and see them as I did. It is the sad reality of poaching in Africa that rangers need to have not only excellent tracking skills but also proper combat training to deal with the people that they are up against and I am extremely glad that the British Army is helping to provide the necessary training, in particular some of our Gurkha soldiers. ONE-MAN TUSKFORCE ‘Super tracker’ soldier deployed to Africa on a mission to save elephants from cold-blooded poachers
  2. Terrible news: two rangers have been killed in Virunga National Park, and a third one is missing. According to a press release from - the official site for the Virunga National Park: See from which this quote was taken for more of the story.
  3. This article from the Maverick of Johannesburg explains the service to African wildlife protection provided by game rangers. The article is comprehensive, providing examples of how rangers use data and their own experience to combat poaching in environmentally sensitive areas. This article is well worth reading to more fully appreciate the service of those who devote their lives to wildlife conservation.
  4. As many might have read on Facebook or other social forums, a tragic incident happened in Garamba National Park, in north-eastern DRC - an incredibly important protected area under constant siege from poachers coming from Sudan , militias like LRA and bandits on payroll of criminal syndicates. Three rangers were killed whilst on anti-poaching duty, not the first incident of this kind in Garamba. Here is the press release from African Parks that, in spite of all difficulties, is doing a great job in trying and protecting the park: I have been in contact with Jean Labuschagne, Special Project Manager of Garamba NP - if anybody wants to donate something to support the familes of those rangers killed whilst performing their daily, but nonetheless less admirable, activity to protect the wildlife we all love so much, there is the possibility of doing so both online and by bank transfer. I attach below the relevant instructions Online Donation: Online donations can be made at Please use "Ranger Jean-Marie " as the reference under Special Instructions when completing the donation. Cash transfer information: Bank Name: Chase Account number: 157992350 Routing number: 021000021 African Parks Foundation of America EIN number: 30-0241904 Reference to be used: “Ranger Jean-Marie”

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