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Found 3 results

  1. I’m going to tempt fate and start a new trip report whilst completing my Mara 2016 report. Preamble ~ My travelling companion Peter emailed me last January “I’ve again booked ten nights at Kaingo & Mwamba. Your welcome to join me especially as I won’t have to pay the single supplement.” And so began planning for this trip. Whilst Peter headed off to the Mara after the 10 nights I decided to stay in the South Luangwa and have a look at the Nsefu sector on the other side of the river and be able to compare two renowned Zambian safari companies. The duration of this safari was 21 days including travel. The itinerary consisted of; 1 night Pioneer Camp (Lusaka) Overnight after 30+ hours travel as we were unable to make the Proflight connection. Shenton Safaris 3 nights Kaingo Camp 5 nights Mwamba Bush Camp 2 nights Kaingo Camp Robin Pope Safaris 5 nights Nsefu Camp I did want to stay longer here but Simon King had booked out the camp for a photographic workshop so I had to find an alternative. As RPS provide a 10% discount for stays of 7 days or more at any of their camps and they do not charge Single Supplement I chose Luangwa River Lodge. 2 nights Luangwa River Lodge. The game viewing was hot and the temperatures even hotter. Approaching sunset on the first evening. Last year the lions were the stars with cameo appearances from the leopards. This year it was the leopards taking centre stage. During the day the birds were suffering in the heat. White-fronted Bee-eater Wire-tailed Swallow Elephant breeding herds enjoyed their daily drink from the river.
  2. Opening Days Special - 10% Off Regular rates From May 15, 2016 to June 15, 2016 take 10% off our regular low rates by mentioning the Promo Code: Billy The Elephant. Reservations must be booked directly. See our new video:
  3. My first trip report. As there has been a plethora of TRs to South Luangwa in the past few weeks (@@TonyQ, @@Safaridude, @@ZaminOz to name but a few), I will try and keep my words brief at the risk of repetition. Zambia was the first place we ever went on a full time safari and is therefore the first place we have revisited. Our trip in 2009 (supposed to be a once in a lifetime holiday) was planned to coincide with my husbands 40th birthday and was therefore the excuse for the vast expense! We had seen Sausage Tree Camp on a travel programme years previously and after requesting the brochure, realised it would have to be far into the future (as STC is very expensive). Given that Chris was born in Luanshya, it seemed rather fitting to be back in his birthplace(ish) 40 years later. As we currently cant stretch to a Botswana tour (it is on our list though) and are not keen on crowds (Kenya), this year meant a repeat visit somewhere. We have just moved house and any sensible couple wouldnt have then gone on a blow-out safari, but we had DIY-ed ourselves in (or should that be DYI do yourself in) and needed a break! There is nothing as relaxing as getting up at 5am every day . We booked in June or July I think (hoping that we could get away without a fix, I guess) but very late for peak season. So I rang Expert Africa and asked them where the best value safari was that they could offer us. They managed to beat their 2009 price, but largely because we stayed outside the park in LZNP, I think. However, they went out of their way to keep a repeat customer happy. We flew on the now cancelled Heathrow to Lusaka BA overnight flight on a Friday. I would say that it was 99% full, including business and world traveller plus, but what do I know about the airline business? After being whisked through security, there was a short wait until out flight to Mfuwe. Just enough time to pay for the bags to be overweight (see and have a coffee surprisingly good cappuccino in the terminal (and they take Dollars). Luckily it was a larger small plane (very technical I know), as my husband gets travel sickness L Itinerary 2013 SLNP 7 nights: Nkwali 2, Tena Tena 3, Nsefu 2, with Robin Pope Safaris (discount for staying 7 nights or more) LZNP 5 nights: Chongwe River Camp (as everywhere inside the park was full due to the late notice as an aside, they are already pretty much full in Chiawa for next year) Comparison from 2009 Itinerary 2009 SLNP 8 nights: Kapani 3, Nsolo 2, Kakuli 3, with Norman Carr Safaris (I think....) LZNP 4 nights: Sausage Tree Camp 2 (no space for 4, despite booking 9 months in advance!!), Chiawa 2 Dates exactly 1 week earlier in 2009 Weather much colder in 2009: As we stepped off the plane in Lusaka, there was definitely a chill in the air and I needed 6 layers on a morning game drive for the first few days (but I am a girl) and it was noticeably cold getting out of bed in the mornings. However, there it was heating up day on day. This year was hot getting hotter and very dry.

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