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Found 5 results

  1. LOL!! Last night, after a long afternoon of reading trip reports, I dreamed I found a serval in the wild. But then, it was a serval with a hyena. You don't belong here, hyena! Then a wild dog popped in. Careful of the hyena! Cheetah... begone! Tiger. What? Tigers don't belong in this ecosystem! Leopards. So beautiful. What is my subconscious telling me? Time to return!
  2. Back story: After taking 5 safaris to Kenya from 2003-2010, I wanted to try another African country. I asked about gorilla tracking and also Tanzania here on Safari Talk. Through that I met Roberto from Savannah Explorers, and soon we were planning my next 10 days safari. I wanted a budget of less than 350 USD a day for everything, and it all worked out. Well, I had to put my gorilla dreams on hold until a future date. I asked off from work (I work as a zookeeper in the Chicago area) and charged my cameras so I could go on this trip in Jan-Feb 2014. That pretty much takes us into my first video (I am having problems with creating a I will type the address and hope for the best here) We start from cold Chicago and soon are in Arusha town to spend the night. I once again flew with KLM and had no problems...well the vegetarian food dinner was bad on the plane, but you can't win them all. Once in town, we met with our guide/driver Rama and took off to the Freedom Lodge. It was a very nice place (no other guests but my wife and I this night) and the food and room was excellent. All I wanted was a shower and a bed to rest for a few hours before driving out (approx. 2 hours) to our first park. Tarangire. As our guide was getting the paper work done to enter the park a woman screamed in the shop area. A black mamba had found its way into the shop and cleared it out. Soon the snake was on its way, and I was also on my way... Our first drive is here: What a way to start our trip with seeing a beautiful lioness and also some eles playing in the mud. For the most part (other than the lion sighting) we were the only jeep around. It took a while to get used to the jeep, as I was used to open air jeeps at Lewa, but since it was only my wife and I, I could easily manage myself between looking out from the top or my side window. We spent the night at the Osupuko Loge which sits right on the park's boundary. It was an excellent place. For those of you new to me.. I post a video every 10-14 days or so and this trip will take maybe 12 videos to go through to be complete.
  4. Many of you may have already seen, but thought I would share it here as well Seems I cant attach a Video into the post The Video has been showed on NatGeo Caught in the Act and show to Brown Hyena involved in a dominance display. It was taken at Nossob Camp in Kgalagadi. My brother and I were heading to bed but before that, we thought we would check out the waterhole and it was on our way back from the hide that we first head the shrieking, we ran to the hide again and witnessed this awesome display of dominance, the fight lasted over 10 minutes and certainly was a once in a lifetime sighting.
  5. Last night, Graham Simmonds, manager at Mombo posted on Facebook that he'd had honey badger visitors in the office: So I shot him a message asking for photos, he hadn't taken any but instead set up a camera trap and said let's wait for the results. Here they are... So if you are going there soon, make sure to ask Graham where you can see them at night. Matt

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