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Found 5 results

  1. Two months before my flight to Zimbabwe! Any words of wisdom or pointers about getting out of the airport in Harare? I'm still nervous about my first walking safari but that's probably because it's my first solo trip. Thanks in advance!
  2. Looking at flights for my round-trip Los Angeles - Harare in November. Ethiopian Airlines is coming in under US$1k, and in 17 hours, whereas other carriers are more like US$1300 and 27 hours on carriers such as British Airways. Pros/cons?
  3. Good evening all, Another view questions if I may? We will be visiting Mana from the 12th to the 18th October 2015. Arriving in Harare on the 11th October at 13:55 we would like to drive as far as possible towards Mana allowing a shorter trip and longer first day in Mana. My questions is, is there any accommodation and shopping available in Karoi. If not where is the best place to overnight and stock up on final supplies and fuel for Mana. As it will remain light longer that time of year will it be painless to make the drive from Harare to Makuti given our arrival time? Thanks all for your invaluable information so far!!
  4. Reports To read the full article click here. Have you flown with flyafrica? If so what are your experiences?
  5. All travellers looking to use KQ, be aware! There seem to be flight problems on the Harare/Nairobi/ flights - the problem is cancelled flights, and the solution is, yes, you guessed, bump the passengers off the next flight to accommodate the cancelled flight passengers. It's a great solution and keeps that initial problem perpetuating in a wonderful cycle. This just happened yesterday to my husband and son flying Harare Nairobi to London. They arrived with allocated seat numbers in good time to be told that the flight was full and they would not be allowed to check in. They were two of many disgruntled passengers who were offered no compensation only a possible seat on the 2am flight - a 9 hour wait - and then an unconfirmed new route into London which would get them in at 5pm as opposed to 6am. So a whole day lost in London for them with prepaid bookings for excursions and trips, plus the knock on effect of rescheduling the next day's business meetings, plus a delightful 28 hour endurance trip with an 11 year old child that instead of being a simple Harare to Nairobi, 3 hour wait and onto the London flight, turned into a 9 hour wait at Harare airport landside, with a 2 hour wait in Nairobi followed by a day flight to Amsterdam followed by a flight to Heathrow............... My advice is to get to check in well before they open, and make sure you are head of the queue. Last night's flight was over booked by 40%. According to Harare check in staff, this has been happening frequently. any advice about compensation will be gratefully received. It's a shame that in times of duress and bad PR for Kenya due to the terrorist threats et al, that their national carrier is not promoting a better service and handling hiccups professionally and with courteous staff.

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