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Found 8 results

  1. Airitalia will start direct flights to Nairobi and Johannesburg Spring 2018. 4 times a week. A possible alternative for those flying to/from Europe
  2. I've been saving up Delta Skymiles for years with my upcoming safari to Africa in mind (Zambia, Aug./Sept. 2018!). Now that it's almost time to book my flights, I'm starting to worry if using reward miles is such a good idea. Have any of you experienced pitfalls because you used reward tickets for a long, international trip? Pitfalls meaning issues with getting seats you want, rebooking problems after missed connections, inconvenient schedules, etc. What I've noticed thus far I've noticed with Delta that I won't be able to book a Delta Comfort seat (slightly roomier economy seats) if I use my Skymiles, although I would hope an upgrade might be available closer to the actual flight. First class is not going to be an option, as it looks like I'd need about 1.3 million Skymiles to book two first class tickets that way. And I hear that first class upgrades never happen on Delta's ATL to JNB route--certainly not for someone with only Gold status (I'm inconsequential as far as Delta is concerned). Potential savings Using miles (I'm estimating around 550,000 total) would save me approximately $4,500 USD, assuming my dad and I flew from Salt Lake City to Atlanta to Johannesburg. So, it's obviously a big deal. But I don't want issues with flights to hamper our trip. Any thoughts? Am I just being an over-planning paranoid? ;-)
  3. Read this morning that Air France is going to start up 3x a week flights from Paris to NBO in March 2018. Not sure if this is a game-changer for anyone headed that way, but it seems odd to me in that Kenya Air already flies that route as an Air France codeshare. Will the Kenya Air flights continue or be replaced by this, I wonder?
  4. More madness from the Clown in Chief: Cameras and other electronics to be banned from carry on luggage for flights into USA from unspecified African and Arabian countries:
  5. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a company that would provide a charter flight from a Botswana safari camp directly to a Namibia safari camp? There will be 4 persons traveling from the Okavango Delta to Etosha or Damaraland. We are familiar with Mack Air and Moremi Air from our last safari. It seems like it would be a great option to be able to travel directly from camp to camp rather than a charter flight to Maun then a commercial flight to Windhoek to overnight in order to make a charter flight to our Namibia camp. Given the 4 persons traveling it would seem that it might be able to come out cost neutral with an increase in safari time. Thanks for any input that can be provided.
  6. So a consortium of four of us lodges in the Kafue got together last year. I am waiting for completed pictures so that I can do a proper write up. Basically we are (in less than a month) going to be operating a 9 pax twin engined aircraft to service the Kafue. Hopefully "open it up" a bit more. It's early days, what we all know about operating an "airline" could be written on a postage stamp! Massive learning curve and for sure its going to be a while before it even breaks even. But hopefully one day.... I will update with rates and how it all works later, but until then here is a taster of the rather unique plane:
  7. Reports To read the full article click here. To read my interview with Malawi tourism expert Chris Badger of Central African Wilderness Safaris, click here. To read my interview with Michael Eustace of African Parks about Majete Wildlife Reserve, click here. Maybe one of those might inspire you to look at a future trip to Malawi? Has anyone been already?
  8. I just received an email from BA informing me that my flights booked for Aug/Sept have been cancelled. I called them and they confirmed that the route has been suspended from 31 March 2013. Essentially, it seems they are cancelling the route.

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