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Found 6 results

  1. My dad and I have booked our flights from the U.S. to Zambia for August/September 2018 with Emirates. (Many thanks, by the way, for the many helpful answers I received when trying to figure that out.) Now that’s settled, my dad is curious to know what we’ll be flying over on the Dubai to Lusaka leg of the journey. Emirates doesn’t publish actual route info, which makes sense. But I’m curious if anyone has paid attention to that on the flight. Any major landmarks or interesting scenery from the plane? What countries did you fly over? Obviously not greatly important, but part of the adventure that we’re both looking forward to.
  2. Show us your birds in flight photos. Please include details, where, when etc and camera/lens specs. Thanks, Matt.
  3. Hi folks, When going away i prefer to get a coach to the airport, rather than a train, the coaches take longer but are far less hassle than changing at liverpool street and dealing with cases on the underground. I have been scoping out flights for my (hopefully) trip to India. The one I want to get is at 1335. But that would mean either getting a 0355 coach or the 0610. The 0610 is due in at 1100 at Heathrow terminal 4. So that gives me 2.5 hrs to get checked in for my flight and get through security. As I know that the advice is to arrive 3 hour before the flight, this is later than I would normally aim for. But I wondered, for those of you who are seasoned travellers, would you be comfortable leaving only 2.5 hrs to check in at heathrow or other major hub? Or do you always aim to get there 3hours ahead at least?
  4. Has anyone used the NBO/JKI to Serengeti via Musoma flights offered by Coastal? Has anyone cleared customs in Musoma? Any issues or concerns with visa's in Musoma? Any information on this route as well as the return is greatly appreciated. Thank you, GBE
  5. Looking for sage advice..... Making progress on planning for August 2015 trip to Bots and Zambia. Photography a big reason for the trip but we are not pro photographers where we do this for a living My wife and I each have a small duffle which easily is under the weight limit on the internal flights. The problem is that we each take two camera bodies, and then split a 70-200, 70-300, 24-70, 16-35, 200-400, 600, 2x TC, 1.4TC (2), battery chargers, notebook computer and a Passport harddrive....each a gura gear bag......planned on not bringing a tripod but if we do a walking tour seems like we would need one. In 2012, we paid a small charge of $100 at Wilson airport in Kenya for all our internal flights there had an extra bag for tripods..nothing extra for Tanzania Bots looks like for one extra seat for would help but that would be about $1500USD for our internal flights .... then more bucks to do the same for Zambia..... have worn vests and jackets in the frozen tundra that had camera bodies and small lenses stowed there... curious what all you veteran photographers do there Appreciate any and all feedback. Mosquito
  6. HI all - I leave for Botswana in three - count 'em - three days! I asked my agent whether I have to go through passport control/immigration or whatever it's called in Johannesburg or not since I'm just in JNB airport a few hours before my flight on Air Botswana to Maun. He said no, I should not have to, and then added that I can ask whether I can check my luggage (bringing one checked bag and 1 carry-on backpack) all the way through to Maun! I had assumed I had to check it just to JNB, collect it, then bring it to the Air Botswana counter and check in for that flight and check the bag again. He said often one is able to check it all the way through to Maun, though not always. My flight from the U.S. is through United Airlines - got it on Frequent Flier miles - and I fly from SFO to Heathrow, then have a 6.5 hour layover, then a flight on SAA to JNB. Have others done something like this, i.e. checked a bag from your country of origin through to Maun even though the flight to Maun was not on the same airline on which you flew from home? And how did it work out? Thanks!

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