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Found 4 results

  1. I have been planning to get a full frame camera for my February 2018 safari, and earlier in the year had decided on the D810. I was really tempted to buy a few months ago when they had a great sale going on, but decided to wait as it was rumored that the replacement model would be announced over the summer. That turned out to be true (sort of), with Nikon announcing the name (D850) but very little else. To be honest, the D810 has everything I really want in a camera. In fact, the main change I am hoping for from the D810 to the D850 is to change the CF card to an XQD since my other camera is a D500. Sure, faster this or better that would be nice but not entirely necessary. I just saw this article (Nikon D850 Will Be a ‘Baby Nikon D5’, Reports Say) that among other things speculates that the D850 will sell for $1200 more than the D810 (putting it up to around $4000 based on current D810 pricing). I'm really hoping for the official word from Nikon soon on specs and pricing, as for that price I'd definitely go with the D810. So a question for D810 owners. What do you wish your D810 did better?
  2. Hello Photography gurus! I need advice on this. My current Panasonic Lumix DSC FZ200 is showing signs of stress no thanks to impatient me overworking it. I'm thinking I should get another one - a backup in case the lumix dies on me while I'm taking a picture of an aardvark cuddling up to my leg in the Kafue park (i have big dreams). I love my Lumix and it had not failed me, until Guassa when the cold froze it and in South Africa when I oversnapped pictures in one second. So i'm torn between taking another bridge camera and or upgrade to a beginner's DLSR. I won't and never can learn to use how to manually adjust the camera for the ISO, or shutter speeds or apertures. My Lumix was fixed at auto permanently and come night time, I don't even recall how to get the flash to work. I'm that challenged. the book on "how to use the flash, Dummy" is made for me. For a bridge, I'm looking at Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III which I think @amybatt had invested in and loves, and has a larger sensor but same zoom as my current Lumix. but i'm wondering if I should just upgrade to a beginner's DLSR like Canon EOS70D. of course, DLSR will cost a leg and an arm, while the bridge is far cheaper. but it seems silly not to upgrade, and at the same time, I would be leaving the DLSR in auto so it may sound silly to use DLSR in that case.... you see the dilemma i'm in.... please, anyone, help me out?
  3. Just wondering who uses filters and if you have any "must haves" on safari? I usually have a circular polarizers, but confess I don't think of it fast enough to make use. Curious if anyone else uses one or Neutral densities and in what context? oops...I just found this thread!
  4. Looking for sage advice..... Making progress on planning for August 2015 trip to Bots and Zambia. Photography a big reason for the trip but we are not pro photographers where we do this for a living My wife and I each have a small duffle which easily is under the weight limit on the internal flights. The problem is that we each take two camera bodies, and then split a 70-200, 70-300, 24-70, 16-35, 200-400, 600, 2x TC, 1.4TC (2), battery chargers, notebook computer and a Passport harddrive....each a gura gear bag......planned on not bringing a tripod but if we do a walking tour seems like we would need one. In 2012, we paid a small charge of $100 at Wilson airport in Kenya for all our internal flights there had an extra bag for tripods..nothing extra for Tanzania Bots looks like for one extra seat for would help but that would be about $1500USD for our internal flights .... then more bucks to do the same for Zambia..... have worn vests and jackets in the frozen tundra that had camera bodies and small lenses stowed there... curious what all you veteran photographers do there Appreciate any and all feedback. Mosquito

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