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Found 10 results

  1. I noticed from @Peter Connan's thread that this is the 5th year we've been doing this 'Big Year' thing. It took a couple of years to get going but now it certainly seems to have grabbed some interest. Brilliant. In the past I've been a really slow starter and relied on a late surge to even get into triple figures, so this year I thought I would try and start a bit better. so here are a couple from my garden, photographed in the wind and rain - 'cos we've had a fair bit of that. #1 Long Tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus) Suffolk. Jan 2018
  2. I have just seen the first great spotted woodpecker of the year in my garden and I got to thinking what kind of a year 2018 will be. I see that many Safaritalkers have not only started their big years, but are racing away already. I think that 2018 will be less big for me, after 4 years of year on year growth, particularly the 105 extra I got last year. This is because both of my safaris this year will be self-guided in South Africa (Kruger and Kgalagadi), so we are more restricted in the range available. We will also not visit our friends' country place, which has been good for birds not seen in the Kruger in the past. However, we are visiting Cape Town for the first time in years, so it will open up a few more of their birds. There is also a week in California, so you never know.... The big year will start in earnest next weekend with @Peter Connan in Marievale, so at least we should have some quality shots to begin.....
  3. I've failed miserably to participate in prior years so here goes! I apologise in advance for the quality of some of the images.
  4. With the increasing popularity of this topic and the "beginners luck" that all of the new 2016 participants have had, I thought I should be the first to start this year, in the hope that it increases my total. Here are a couple before we leave for the Kruger next week, where hopefully we should get at least 100 (???!!??) Following on from the suggestion from @@JohnR in I took out the "optimum" combination of Canon 7D mark ii, 100-400 mark ii and 1.4x extender mark iii a couple of days ago when the sun was out. There weren't that many birds around, but he was right, this combination is much better than even then new lens on the 5D mark iii So here are my first couple of birds of 2017
  5. Two months already over, some people already have surpassed 100, and I have zero - time to get started! 1/E1.) Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) / Höckerschwan Stausee Reißeck, Carinthia, 11/02/2017. One of our most common water birds, and definitely the boldest - they allow very close approach. Cold as it still may be here (even more so in February), they have already started with their mating rituals.
  6. As a "veteran" of the big year, I am embarrassed that so many new faces are getting involved in this and I am yet to post a single photo. And it's April! We did have a lot of photos to process from our recent Kruger trip, so I'm using that as an excuse and I'm sticking to it! I like @@Peter Connan 's idea of numbering them, which should make it easier to come to a total, although the mysterious prize promised by @@Game Warden has never been awarded, AFAIK....... So I will start with the new species that we managed to spot in the Kruger National Park and go from there. P.S. please forgive me for any misidentifications, it is bound to happen again sooner or later
  7. I had hoped to start 2016 with a bang but on my first safari the weather was so wet and overcast that all the birds which are usually so colourful just looked like featureless blobs. Anyway, here goes 1 per post, as that seems to be the preferred format Levaillant's Cisticola
  8. OK, so given that @@Peter Connan has got things going and I have finally finished my TR, I thought I ought to start this, given that half of the year has already gone.... These will all be from our January trip to the KTP and hopefully I can add to it with some from the garden and our next trip in September. I'll start with all the new species we saw.....
  9. So, while i am processing african photos, here goes for the uk.... In the garden: robin, blackbird, wood pigeon, collared dove, thrush, greenfinch, wren, chaffinch, blue tit, great tit, long tailed tit, magpie, crow, jackdaw. No signs yet of woodpecker, bullfinch, goldfinch or jay Do muntjack deer count? In the locale: duck, swans, grey heron, kestrel, red kite, buzzard, pheasant, seagull No photos as yet (light too crappy at present in the uk - will work on it in the spring)
  10. Take part in Safaritalk's "Birding Big Year" 2014. If taking part, (purely for fun, although who knows, there might be a prize for the winner), these are the rules... Start a new topic, the title of which will be your Safaritalk Display name. Upload one picture per species, include when and where taken and tech specs. Only upload images taken on or after 1st Jan, 2014. No cheating and delving into photo archives, if you saw a bird but couldn't get a photo, too bad... Species can be from around the world, not just Africa, so if you get pics of those birds which visit your garden, upload them too. Do encourage other members taking part in the Big Year: it's a friendly competition so there can be friendly rivalry, but most of all it's about getting out there and enjoying birdwatching. If you can think of anything else that should be included in the rules, please say below and I'll edit them into the list. So, who's in? Matt.

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