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Found 9 results

  1. Good news for those planning trips to Ethiopia - the country with ancient monuments has taken another step into the future. we are talking about Online Visas! Bale or Guassa, anyone? courtesy of @Sangeeta Editing to add - I rejoiced too early... sadly the online visa is not available for Singapore! Darn.
  2. Next week I was due to be in South Africa (Timbavati) with my adult son who lives in Australia. We both have dual British / NZ citizenship. Last night I was reading the trip report from @@KiwiGran and was alerted to the fact that South Africa now requires NZ passport holders to have a visa that can only be obtained by personal application at a consulate at least 10 days before travel. I understand this is in retaliation for visa requirements imposed on SA citizens by New Zealand (although at least one can apply online). Anyway my son can't use his NZ passport and his UK passport expires 28 days after he was due to leave SA - you need 30 days at least... All our fault (I didn't think to check as I happily used my NZ passport to enter SA last year) and he now realises that he should keep at least 6 months validity on any passport. We decided against a 18 hour journey and jet lag for a 5 day trip and the other option of 18 hours in transit for him and a tight connection for me to get to Zimbabwe didn't really appeal (and was expensive). Anyway the trip is cancelled and an expensive lesson learnt. However it has caused me to reflect on the other recent changes - birth certificates etc needed for younger kids, hand luggage restrictions and hopeless fingerprinting systems amongst others that seem designed to put visitors off coming to South Africa. I'm tired from efforts to sort something out across timezones and frustrated that a trip has had to be cancelled - even given that though I'm not certain I will make any effort to return to SA soon once my short safari with a friend fulfilling a special wish is done in July.
  3. I just checked the website for the Kenyan visas and ours have been issued. I am guessing that I don't need to download anything or print anything, or am I just naive?
  4. Visas for Malawi ­ as from 1 October 2015 As from 1 October 2015, Malawi is now implementing its new visa regime. Visas to enter Malawi are now required for nationals of those countries where Malawian¹s are required to pay for visas. These countries include, but are not limited to, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Schengen member states (Europe), Australia and New Zealand. Please use the links below to check which nationalities require a visa. Visas for the majority of nationalities can be obtained on arrival in Malawi. Although the process at the ports of entry is currently time-consuming, even travellers arriving unaware of the new requirements armed only with their passports are having visa applications processed on arrival and are successfully entering the country. However, current official advice to avoid unnecessary inconveniences is to obtain a Malawi visa in advance of travel from the nearest Malawi Diplomatic Mission. We have updated our website as accurately as we are able with the latest contacts for those Missions For visas to be obtained on arrival it is also preferable, if possible, to take application forms (click here to download) and the items detailed in the requirements below, plus the requisite visa fee in US$ cash: Valid passport for not less than six months Two passport photos Covering letter Air ticket/Itinerary Confirmed Hotel booking Three months latest bank statements Which begs the question; who travels with 3 months bank statements?
  5. Has anyone used the NBO/JKI to Serengeti via Musoma flights offered by Coastal? Has anyone cleared customs in Musoma? Any issues or concerns with visa's in Musoma? Any information on this route as well as the return is greatly appreciated. Thank you, GBE
  6. Any expereince of getting a visa on arrival at Lusaka? There isn't a Zambian embassy or consulate here in The Netherlands therefore my passport would have to go to the nearest in Brussels. Takes more time (and yes more expense), I think I could juggle it to ensure I had my visa in time and still have my passport when I need it but obviously it would be a lot easier to get a visa on arrival. We have a pretty tight connection time for our flight to Mfuwe (only about one and half hours) and I am a tad concerned the visa on arrival process could take lots of time. Leading to a mad dash to collect bags (if I dont manage them as carry on) and to get to domestic departures. How far is domestic departures from international arrivals? Any up to date info and advice would be appreciated! Many thanks.
  7. Hi all - I am new to this forum and have my first safari planned in Kenya for September 2015. This new Visa requirement has thrown me for a bit of a loop. Has anyone applied for it as yet? The part that has me stumped is the passport photo. The requirement is to send a recent passport photo (the 2" by 2" size) electronically. I have checked with several places that process passport photos and they provide you with hard copies, not electronic copies. I am thinking that I could simply take a photo of the photo with my phone, but not sure if the quality will be acceptable - also, if the size will be right. I know how to crop a photo with edit, but not sure how to get it to exactly 2" by 2". Any ideas on this? Thanks! I've enjoyed reading trip reports on this website!
  8. Hello, I am a Belgian passport holder. I will be travelling to Zimbabwe and Zambia via Botswana in June. I would like to know if I can get a visa at the port of entry: Plumtree border post (Coming from Botswana into Zimbabwe)? I will then travel from Zimbabwe into Zambia at the Otto Belt Bridge borderpost. Can I get a KAZA UNIVISA to travel in both countries at Plumtree border post? Can I get the KASA visa somewhere in South Africa before my trip? Thanks
  9. Apparently South Africa are considering charging Brits a visa fee in response to the uk charging their nationals to visit here. Naturally the tourism industry is concerned this will further depress uk visitors to south Africa.

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