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Found 4 results

  1. Strictly my view, but arrived having seen many Tigers over 28 years of safaris in various parks of India. It was not easy to arrive at this decision but not a difficult one either. In the current Tigers in the Wild it is Umarpani Male in Kanha National Park who will get crowned as the largest Tiger in central India. Son of Legendary Munna, and Umarpani female, he is a huge Tiger who has outsized his parents, and is all set to takeover reins from his father as King of Kanha. Read the link below to know about him and his competition today. Best Wishes Sharad Vats
  2. In an unprecedented move, the Forest Department has brought about some wonderful changes in the Tourism Policies of Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Panna, and Pench National Parks in central India. This will Officially the changes will be listed by next week on their official website, but the news is actually very good for all foreign guests. 1. The concept of premium zones stands abolished. The extra rates that were charged for the premium zones of Tala in Bandhavgarh and Kanha are now not applicable. Which means all zones in the Madhya Pradesh park will have the same rate, and no premium charges for any zone. That makes the safaris more reasonable. Isn't that great? 2. Most important change; the entry permit rates for Indian and Foreign guests will be same with effect from October. This will actually mean a reduction in rates for foreigners from what they were paying until last year, and what they will pay from coming season. 3. These national parks now will remain open on Wednesday afternoons as well for safari. So no lazing around in the Lodge, or by the pool, hit for the safaris, until and unless you wish to stay back in the Lodge. 4.if you miss the 120 days deadline of booking safari, then don't worry there will be some last minute quota for permits reserved. But my suggestion is not to plan your safaris based on the last minute permit. It is better to book safaris 120 days prior. Many more changes but above are the most crucial ones, which will impact the tourism in these parks in a positive way. Enjoy the Tiger Safaris. Best Wishes Sharad Vats
  3. Camera, Sound, Light, Action…this is exactly how our safari was scripted on 14th June 2015. We entered the park at 4pm, hoping to reach the bush where the Tiger was supposedly sleeping in the morning. We reached the area, no luck, no alarm call, we moved on, and then our naturalist Naren spotted pug marks of a male Tiger, he said, Sir, Tiger has moved. The Forest guide alongside also saw the pugmarks, and excitedly said, "Naren, move fast, Tiger is on the road". We moved a bit fast, and the moment we crossed the bend on the road ahead we see a Tiger spray marking on a tree. Very few Tigers in the wild have a head this size is what i noticed when we crossed him. Raju our Forest guide turned out to be our lucky charm is not something i would like to believe, because the moment he saw the pugmarks he knew that it was absolutely fresh, and Tiger had moved only a minute or two before. So, his enthusiasm, and exact understanding of his job got us good results that day. This particular Tiger was busy marking his territory and smelling the area, we took the opportunity and moved ahead of him on the road keeping a safe distance. Naren identified him as Umarpani male, about 6-7 years old, a huge Tiger with an enormous face. Next 30 minutes i gave my undivided attention to him, and clicked almost 400 images, while the Tiger gave us all possible poses, he smelled, sprayed, scratched the road, sat down to leave his scent, every possible pose that a photographer would want to have. The tele lens compels one to keep a distance from the Tigers, and thus we were in safe comforts and at a safe distance in our Jeep, and the Tiger never felt uncomfortable. It was about 30 minutes later, that i decided that we have clicked enough, i was exhaused of pressing my index finger on the shutter. At the next turning we changed course, and the Tiger continued down the track. What happened next perhaps will be best described in the concluding Part 2 of this series.
  4. I am planning a trip to India around Easter 2016. We ( family of 4, 2 boys aged 6 and 11) will have around 17-18 days for travelling. We thought that we would have 4 nights in Bandhavgarh, 4 in Kanha and 3-4 in Pench. My travel agent have suggested Infinity Bandhavgarh Wilderness, Tuli Jungle Resort in Kanha and Tuli Jungle Corridor in Pench. Seems good but also a bit pricey. Any feedback on these camps or others would be highly appreciated We dont need a super luxury resort, actually I would prefer a small quiet place with good guides, but since we are travelling in march/april in need a place with swimmingpool. Helps to keep the kids satisfied

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