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Found 3 results

  1. To start off 2017 we compiled a list of our 10 Favourite camps in Africa. There are camps in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa on the list. Of course they are not the only great places to stay but they are some of the places that have never let us down. For those of you who might be interested, here is the link
  2. 1)Name of property: Savanna Lodge, 2) Location: Savanna Private Game Reserve, Sabi Sands. Greater Kruger 3)Website address if known: 4) Style of camp – ie; Lodge, permanent camp, mobile camp It's a lodge. But the rooms are a combination of solid constructions and canvas. Communal buildings are timber & thatch. 5) Solo/Independent property or part of a group / chain Independent 6) How many rooms, tents A total of 9 rooms. The Savanna suite comprises 2 bedrooms and is great for families, there are 4 Luxury suites and 3 Executive suites. All of them looked pretty swish to me. 7)Date of stay, including whether Green Season, Shoulder season or High season pricing (if known) October 2013, Peak season 8)Length of stay: 2 nights 9)Why did you choose this camp or lodge to stay in? Based upon what? Recommendations. Some tour operators get a bit snotty because Savanna Lodge is located right on the western edge of Sabi Sands, but guests love it. While we were there we met a couple who were on their 11th visit and others on 3rd and 4th visits. A real testament to the quality of the hospitality and safari experience. 10)How did you book the property, direct or agent? Were your enquiries dealt with quickly and efficiently? Direct 11) Are you a regular safari traveller? Yes 12)To which countries? In terms of frequency: Kenya, Tanzania & South Africa. Also visit Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and others around the world. 13)Which properties have you been to previously that you are comparing this one to? Other lodges in the private concession around Kruger include Motswari, Lion Sands, Sabi Sands Earth Lodge, Mala Mala, 14)Was the property fenced? Yes, to keep out elephants 15) How was your room or tent? Excellent a> Space inside – more than ample b> furniture – comfortable and functional c> bed & bedding, was it comfortable? yes d> was there a view – yes, the veranda looked out onto a waterhole which regularly had elephant and buffalo e> To the best of your knowledge are all the rooms of similar standard. The lodge has 3 different styles of room, some are more luxurious than others but all are first rate 16) Did you like the food? If yes, please state why. If no, please state why. The food was great. A la carte breakfast, buffet lunch and set menu for dinner. All top quality 17) Was there a varied menu offering multiple choice? If vegetarian was a suitable alternative offered? (Did you have to request this in advance?) Yes, varied menu, yes, vegetarian option. Buffet always included vegetarian options and guests would normally inform staff upon arrival if they were vegetarian so other meals could be suitably prepared. 15) Can you choose where you eat, ie privately or with other guests, guides? Single tables or communal dining? Mostly communal dining, either in the dining room or in the boma. But the whole atmosphere is so relaxed that I am sure private dining would not be aproblem. 19) How good were the packed breakfasts/lunches if staying out on game drives? N/A 20) Did the lodge / camp have its own game drive vehicles? (Include photo if possible) Yes. First rate. 21) How many rows of seats? How many guests per row? 3 rows of seats, 2 seats per row with storage box between the seats of each row. 22) How long were the game drives and were they varied in the routes taken? Morning drives were about 3 hours, afternoon drives about 2 hours – but it all depends on the game. Routes were varied according to where the game was. 23) Are game drive times flexible: ie, if agreed in advance, can you go out earlier than suggested and stay out later, ie not returning for lunch but taking supplies with you? It can be done, but we did not do it. 24) What wildlife is this Park/ property known for? Did you get good sightings? Sabi sands is renowned for its leopards and we got really great sightings. At the time we were there they also had a resident pack of African Wild Dogs and we got great sightings of those too. 25) How was the standard of guiding? (Please detail any particularly good or bad experiences.) Exceptional 26) How would you rate the staff in the camp / lodge? Were they attentive and efficient? Outstanding 27) How would you rate the camp/lodge on a value for money basis? It is not cheap, but every aspect of what is provided is well thought out and a lot of attention is paid to customer satisfaction. Nice attention to little details. Eg; when we left they put bottles of water and biscuits in our car. 28) If you visit this park / region again would you choose to stay in the same camp or would you look for somewhere different? If yes, please explain why. If I was coming to Sabi Sands I would have no hesitation using Savanna again. Quite simply I cannot see what I would gain by going to a different lodge. 29) Trip report link: Day 1 Day 2 - morning drive Day 2 - afternoon drive Day 3 - morning drive 30) Any other pertinent details you wish to add: 31) Please add your photographs of the property below, with headings. I don't usually bother with photographs of lodges or camps, they tend to have much better photos on their own websites.
  3. In African savannas, when the large animals are away, the mice — and snakes, fleas and ticks — will play. A new study published today in the journal Bioscience summarizes evidence that the loss of large mammals has cryptic consequences for African savannas and the people and animals that depend on them. click here to read the article

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