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Found 7 results

  1. On SCF Facebook account, it can be seen the first pictures of scimitar-horned oryx reintroduced in Chad. More news to come soon... I am trying since a while to get an interview from John Newby, who is the current director of the SCG association who played a considerable role in this project.
  2. In January, 4 new elephants were shot down by poachers at Zakouma National Park, Chad. But as the title of the articule states, Zakouma is one of APN best conservation story.
  3. Here is the last newsletter from SCF (Sahara Conservation Fund), from may 2015:
  4. Here is a report submitted at the 2015 SSIG conference, concerning wildlife state in the Air and Tenere National Reserve in Northern Niger.
  5. I find this survey report led by SCF supported by African Parks (APN), in the Manga region of Chad. Located North to Lake Chad, close to the frontier with Niger, it is one of the last stronghold for dama gazelle.
  6. Sophy Roberts articles about Nomad Camp in Zakouma highlights the particular atmosphere of Zakouma compared to Eastern and Southern Africa safaris. She says APN has expansion plan to secure area reaching Siniaka Mina to secure area for elephants. APN has plans to reintroduce black rhinos in Zakouma as well as wild dogs in Siniaka Minia (western black rhinos went extinct so I guess they would reintroduce another sub-specie) "Labuschagne now wants to secure a new area, Siniaka-Minia (already a national reserve) and the buffer zone in between, to create space for Zakouma’s elephants. A bigger, safer range will also allow for the reintroduction of wild dogs and even rhino, planned for April. “Come spring, Zakouma will be the closest ‘Big Five’ park to Europe,” says Labuschagne." APN has huge plans for Chad in the Sudani region as well the Ennedi plateau area, where a MoU was signed few weeks ago with the Chadian government to make a new protected area. They are working in marketing to promote Zakouma as a premier destination, and will transform Zakouma as the closest big 5 safari to Europe. Colin Bell Zakouma's article in Africageographic:
  7. I just came across this wonderful French film from 1994 “Une Journée dans la Parc de Zakouma au Tchad” A Day in Zakouma National Park in Chad, although there would have been many more elephants when this was filmed than is the case now Zakouma seems otherwise not to have changed that much. Although it is interesting to see a hippo as these animals are now I believe entirely absent from the park but I presume were still there when this film was shot. Rather than write a whole lot more on this very special place I will direct anyone in search of further information to the trip report Zakouma One Week in Wildest Africa that @@Paolo and I wrote and also to the African Parks website.

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