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Found 2 results

  1. Kafue is wild. Kafue is beautiful. Kafue is diverse. Kafue is a birder´s paradise. And Kafue is harsh. Difficult. Uncomfortable. And unwilling to easily reveal its many treasures. We had discussed Kafue with @Doug Macdonald on our last trip to Mana Pools, and his enthusiasm for this rarely visited, huge national park convinced us that we had to see it, and that we wanted to see it "properly". @Atravelynn had had similar talks with Doug and had come to the same conclusion, and so it was a logical thing that we would team up for this again. To our delight @Kitsafari also decided to join up, and so we were a very Safaritalky ensemble since we decided to have Doug along as well as a private guide. This was our itinerary, from Oct 3d/4th to Oct 16th: 1 nt Pioneer Camp, Lusaka (2 nts for Kit) 3 nts Konkamoya Lodge, at the Southern shore of Lake Itezhi Tezhi (about 7 hours from Pioneer) 3 nts Musekese Camp, Northern sector (about five hours from Konkamoya) 3 nts Ntemwa-Busanga Camp (Musekese mobile), Busanga Plains (about four hours from Musekese) 1 nt Musekese Camp, Northern sector 1 nt Pioneer Camp (only Michael and @AndMic) ( @wilddog I hope it´s ok to include this map? If not here´s the link: So let´s gonna find out how it was for us. Not always easy, I will admit that. But in the end, so much worth it.
  2. Some of you may remember my all-too-brief trip to the Masai Mara in 2012. My philosophy remains that it's better to go on a brief safari than none at all, especially when a brief one is about all you can afford, and so August 2015 found my partner and me in Zambia, mainly to visit South Luangwa NP and Livingstone. Our flights from the States, which as usual were comprised of a long and convoluted series of connections, necessitated that we spend a night in Lusaka. Rather than opt for a normal hotel in the city, we discovered the charming option of Pioneer Camp. (Dogs are always a welcome addition to small owner-run places like this.) Pioneer Camp, while only 25-30 minutes away from the airport in Lusaka, is set within 25 acres of miombo woodland (a description which may have been taken verbatim from their web site), which gives it a very nice, away-from-the-city feel. It was a pleasant way to unwind after an obscenely long series of flights, and it also gave us the opportunity to wander around the attractive, safari-style chalets while taking unfocused, washed-out photos of otherwise beautiful birds. The next morning we were off to begin the main part of the trip by flying to Mfuwe and staying at Flatdogs Camp, which is a well-situated (lots of wildlife in camp) and affordable option for South Luangwa which I learned about in this nice trip report, though the thread creator doesn't seem to have stuck around ST. More to come as I get photos sorted.

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