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Found 1 result

  1. Good afternoon We have started planning for a special family holiday in July 2018 and are actively exploring Conservancies and tented safari camps in Kenya. We have already performed quite a bit of research and are interested in hearing from the Safaritalk community. Please review our below, self-developed "Safari Profile" to gain insight into our safari goals and provide us with your recommendation and reasoning for: "The single, best Kenyan Conservancy and Camp that fulfills all, or 90+%, of our safari goals." Thank you for your time to respond to our inquiry and we look forward to hearing from you soon! Best Personal Regards, Darryl & Catherine FAMILY SAFARI PROFILE: Family of 4 adults (ages 54, 53, 23 and 21) Safari Date: Mid-July 2018 Total # Nights in Camp: 7 nights & 8 full days in camp (not incl travel time to camp/Nairobi) Total # of Safari Camps: Prefer 1 Kenyan Conservancy and Camp. Will consider max of 2 Conservancies and Camps (based upon objective and additional cost) Safari Theme & Goals: Family & Photo Safari Must-See Wildlife include:Big Cats - Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, etc… Big Grazers - Elephant, Rhino, Hippo, Giraffe, Zebra, Oryx, Gazelle, Antelope Must-See Landscapes include:Sunrise and Sunsets Plains, Savannahs, Kopje Valley River, Watering Hole, Lakes Rock Cliff Close views of Mt Kilimanjaro and/or Mt Kenya Tented Camp Must-Do Safari Activities:Camp owned and operated, open-side/top 4x4 safari vehicles (4 adults + guide/driver) - e.g. modified Toyota Land Cruisers Guides must be annually trained and certified by Conservancy Private Game Drives (day and night) Off-road Game Drives Private Walking Safari with Samburu or Masai Guide Horseback Safari Sunrisers and Sundowners with panoramic views Relaxing at camp - reading, playing games, sleeping (hammock or the like), listening to music Fitness & Exercise (jogging and/or yoga) Safari Camp Preferences: Camp Location:Elevated camp position overlooking plains and savannahs with hills and mountains in background High probability for, and frequency of, in-camp encounters with large wildlife Predictable, short game drive (< 40mins) to view large wildlife Predictable, short game drive (< 1hr) to experience a variety of landscapes (see Must-See Landscapes above) Camp Style & Quality:Permanent Tented Camp that is camp equivalent of a full-service Marriott hotel or W hotelAll camp products, services, activities, and amenities are owned and operated by Camp and/or Conservancy All camp products, services, activities, and amenities are of excellent quality, function fully, reliably, and as intended “Upscale Casual” style & comfort Private & quiet camp ambience (e.g. peaceful, bright, solitude) Down-To-Earth with Family and "Locals Only vibe" “We expect our safari experience to be hot, cold, sweaty, and dirty! We expect an adventure - with reasonable comfort and amenities. Not Desired:No Excessive Glamping - we are not seeking camping equivalent of Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, or St Regis hotels “We should not feel like we are staying in a downtown full-service luxury hotel and visiting the national zoo" No "Bare Bones Camping" - quality equivalent of sleeping cots/bags and “a hole in the ground for a loo.” Close proximity to many, loud, and obnoxious tourists and traffic Daily rain, high humidity, and cloudy skies High season for mosquitoes and other biting insects General Safari Experience Questions: Based upon your recommendation and reasoning, what specific safari goals are we unlikely to fulfill? Why?What Kenyan Conservancy and Camp would you recommend to achieve those unfulfilled goals? Is there a great deal of "wildlife and landscape overlap" with your first recommendation? What is the estimated travel time between the 2 camps? What can we expect for cost per person per night (not including travel to/from Nairobi) for each camp? For each camp, what specific fees/costs are typically negotiable? non-negotiable? highly variable based upon season?

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