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Found 11 results

  1. While looking for other information on the web I came across this report on the translocation of seven elephants from South Africa to Zinave NP in Mozambique. First Elephant Translocated to Zinave National Park, Mozambique Zinave NP is north-east of Kruger NP and directly east of Gonarezhou NP in Zimbabwe it doesn’t actually adjoin either of these two parks but with them it is along with Banhine NP and Limpopo NP part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area. During Mozambique’s civil war it seems that almost all of the large game was wiped out in Zinave so it’s great to see that animals are now being reintroduced. Already zebra, wildebeest and giraffes have been brought in from Kruger in 2012 and 13 and the plan is to move more animals to Zinave in the future from Kruger and also some from Gorongosa NP further north. In Gorongosa some of the animals that survived the war and didn’t need restocking like common waterbuck are now extremely common so the park is a good source for these animals to restock Zinave. All of the animals are initially being released into a fenced sanctuary. Zinave should be able to provide a home for 2000 elephants so I have no doubt that plenty more elephants will be moved to the park in time. With so much depressing news about wildlife being reported it’s great to see so positive news for a change Here’s another interesting article on the park Finding refuge: The untapped potential of Mozambique's Banhine and Zinave Unfortunately it seems that re-establishing a wildlife corridor between Zinave and Gonarezhou may prove difficult but it would be good if some way could be found to allow animals to move around between parks as they did in the past. Remarkably surveys of wildlife in Limpopo and Banhine NPs found WILDLIFE DIVERSITY IN LIMPOPO NATIONAL PARK Click on the map in the article on the Peace Parks Foundation website to see the location of these parks.
  2. I’m starting a new thread as an addendum to @Optig’s Awesome Safari trip report. His report was sharp, short and sweet and straightforward and I don’t want to hijack or bog it down with my meandering and rambling ways. Since he has given a main overview (link here: , I will just delve into more details on what I felt were interesting sightings and interactions. Optig was at Pamushana three days prior to my arrival. My itinerary was Sept 22-26 Pamushana, Malilangwe Sept 26-Oct 3 Gonarezhou Bushcamps
  3. If you needed any more reason to visit the magnificent Gonarezhou NP in Zimbabwe, the folks at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge have some wonderful events planned for 2017. 13-17 July - Wine and Wild Dog Weekend. Wine tasting with award winning wine maker Jeremy Bourg from Painted Wolf Wines combined with wild dog conservation presentations by Rosemary Groom from the African Wildlife Conservation Fund. 23 & 24 September - Mahenye Festival. Once a year the local community come together to dance, sing anf entertain with traditional stories. A truly authentic festival run by the community for the community. Guests of Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge are privileged to be invited to attend. If you are interested in making your safari coincide with either of these events just send me a message.
  4. I'd posted this in the thread "Seeking safari companions" but worry that it may have been buried in a thread that is hardly viewed and probably pushed way down in the list of New Content. So I decided to create a new thread (moderators, I'm not sure if I should delete the other posting and even if I should, I'm afraid I can't). So at the risk of boring you or exasperating you, here is my post - hoping to find like-minded person or persons to explore the wilds of Gonarezhou.... I'm planning a Gonarezhou trip in September 2016 and hoping this will pan out.... - a 2-night at Chilo Lodge estimated $1200 + $550 vehicle transfer from Harare (this is a camp at the end of eastern Gonarezhou and founded by Clive Stockil: this stay will hopefully coincide with the annual Mahenye festival which celebrates the culture and history of the MaChangana people in Gonarezhou, which should be fun! - a 6-night with Ant's Gonarezhou bushcamp around US$3900 ( - possibly a 2-night at Pamushana, Malilangwe estimated US$2900 ( at the moment, it's a solo trip. But partners, particularly for the 6-night GBC segment which includes 2 nights of fly camping, will be most welcome. It would be lovely to team up with ST-ers. Please PM me if you are interested. thanks for your patience!
  5. Back to Mana: I recently came back from spending 3 weeks in Zimbabwe, my 6th safari overall and 2nd visit to Zimbabwe in as many years. Like many others, this “spiritual home of Safari Talkers” has had me completely in its spell and this makes planning for future safaris very difficult if every year I also want to get back to Mana. I have been incredibly lucky that across 27 nights spent in this park, the only sighting to date that I have really shared is last year when Granny and her daughter were at the car park one sundown. Lucky and with a wonderful guide @@Doug Macdonald who seems to know exactly how to keep me away from the crowd whether it’s at a camp or on drives and walks and still have those uniquely wonderful Mana moments. Something new: This trip also had a wild card entry. 5 nights in Gonarezhou - just the second largest park ( at 5000 sq km, roughly half of Hwange and about the size of Katavi ) of Zimbabwe tucked in the south eastern lowveld sharing an 100km border with Mozambique and now part of the massive leap towards conserving this area through the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Area. It’s also the youngest park in Zimbabwe, having been gazetted only in 1975 though had protected status in bits and pieces for years before 1975. Even though this wild card was the last 5 nights of the trip, I will start my trip report with this - partly because there are a few people waiting to see and read more on what this park looks like, the walking, sightings etc and partly because so little is done to talk up this absolute gem of a place (or for that matter so little chatter of the few good men and women who are trying their best to restore this place to its former glory and more.) The Final itinerary was: 28th September to 20th October 2013 3 Nights Kanga Camp 3 nights Chitake Springs mobile camping 5 nights Mucheni 4 mobile camping 4 nights Chikwenya 1 night Harare, Jacana Gardens 5 nights Gonarezhou 1 night Harare, Jacana Gardens
  6. Introduction **** The dramatic Chilojo Cliffs and the Runde river in front of our camp in Gonarezhou. One of the most inspiring and magical locations I have seen in all of Africa – a place that truly gets deep under one’s skin. **** Most of my 28 African safaris so far, I have been travelling with my dad, who – I guess – is now fairly known on Safaritalk. The second trip in 2014 was different, in the sense that – after a hiatus of many years – my mum, as well as a lady friend of ours (“Mama Erminia” as she is called in Kenya, where she spends a couple of months each year on the coast during our winter) travelled with us. This meant that relative hardships vaguely resembling those we had recently experienced in Ethiopia (not to mention Zakouma in Chad) were completely out of the question, and so we planned a “soft” adventure in beloved Zimbabwe. Whilst you cannot help but visit Mana Pools time and again, we also wanted to see a new part of the country for us – namely Gonarezhou National Park in the eastern Lowveld bordering Mozambique. Moreover, I had not been to Hwange for 21 years, so spending a few days in that park – albeit a different section from the one I had visited last time in 1993 – seemed well fitting with our plans, and so we settled for the following itinerary: August 4 – overnight Highland House, Harare August 5 to 10 – 5 nights Gonarezhou N.P. (private mobile camp) August 11 to 13 – 3 nights Hwange N.P. (Camp Hwange) August 13 to 20 – Mana Pools N.P. (private mobile camp, 5 nights at Trichelia and 2 nights at Ilala) August 20 – overnight Highland House, Harare Originally, I wanted to go back to Chitake Springs in Mana Pools but the need for avoiding too harsh conditions and the consideration that we were travelling a bit earlier than the best time for Chitake, convinced us to give it a miss. The choice of guides and operators was a no brainer. We had had a wonderful time with Craig Van Zyl as our guide and pilot in 2011, not to mention his superb crew running an excellent mobile camp set up, and thus we would have the privilege of having Craig as our guide again in Mana and Hwange. As an aftermath of an unusually wet rainy season, animals in Hwange were quite dispersed and fairly scarce at the time of our visit. Luckily, the lions hanging around Camp Hwange were a reliable source of entertainment. Nyala bull and female at a pan in Mana Pools, 12 km inland from the Zambezi. Craig really goes the extra mile to ensure that his guests have the most private and exclusive game viewing experience, even in a popular place like Mana. During our 8 days we shared only one sighting with others. Ant Kaschula, who really specializes in the Lowveld (even if, as one of the most coveted and up and coming private guides in Africa, he does not limit himself to it or to Zimbabwe but has a burgeoning pan-African activity) and is the one operator running a proper mobile camp inside Gonarezhou, would be our host and guide there. During a walk at the beautiful Machaniwa Pan in Gonarezhou, several elephant families (numbering more than 100 individuals) quietly circled us. Seeing those non-habituated herds going about their daily business all around us standing behind a big tree was perhaps the highlight of the entire trip for me. There have been so many excellent trip reports on Zimbabwe lately, in particular Hwange and Mana Pools (by @@Safaridude and @@Game Warden, @@graceland, @id1, @@Soukous, @@Pennyanne – not to mention those by the regular “Manatics”), that I feel I must keep mine as succinct as possible, and I will try and concentrate on some particular aspects, since the wider picture is so widely known. All the photos you will see have been taken by my dad.
  7. I just got this in the mail from Chilo... thought I'd post it on here for all of you heading to Zim this summer in case you can sneak it. Not badly priced and transport can be arranged directly with Chilo. African Wild Dog and Painted Wolf Wine Weekend 10 – 14 July 2015 The weekend is designed to offer our guests in depth information on the African Wild Dog, pristine wilderness experience in the Gonarezhou National Park, encounters with the famous big Tuskers, all combined with excellent wine pairings and tastings. A guideline for the weekend: 10th July 2015 1400 hours arrival at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge. Welcome drink and check in. 1500 hours Guided Tour of the Mahenye Village & bird/nature walk in the Sand Forrest. 1800 hours Shangaan Dancers & wine tasting. 1830 hours Slide Show and Presentation by Jeremy Borg. Dinner and wine pairing. 11th July 2015 0700 hours Breakfast 0800 hours Full Day Excursion to the Sandstone Chilojo Cliffs. Picnic lunch and wine pairing. 1700 hours Sundowners & Slide Show and Presentation by Clive Stockil. Dinner and wine pairing 12th July 2015 0630 hours Tea/Coffee and pastries in the lounge 0700 hours early morning game drive into the Gonarezhou National Park 1130 hours Champagne Brunch & wine pairing 1430 hours High Tea 1530 hours 2,5km walk to the Falls for Sundowners and wine tasting. 1830 hours Slide Show and Presentation by Rosemary Groom/Jessica Watermeyer Dinner and wine pairing. 13th July 2015 0730 hours Breakfast 0830 hours Full Day Game Drive in the Gonarezhou National Park – picnic lunch and wine pairing at the pans. 1630 hours Save River Beach Sundowners with wine tasting and snacks. Dinner and wine pairing 14th July 2015 Early morning game drive or at leisure. Depart Chilo with a packed lunch. Price USD 1,500.00 per person Inclusive of: 4 nights Luxury Accommodation, All meals, Drinks (excl. premium range), Wine Tasting and Pairing with Jeremy and Emma Borg from Painted Wolf Wines Guiding with Clive Stockil Wild Dog Guiding & Presentations by Rosemary Groom/Jessica Watermeyer Teas & Coffee National Parks Entry Fees USD 50.00 per person per day donation to African Wildlife Conservation Fund Exclusive of: Transport to and from Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge Premium Drinks
  8. Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of joining Talking Stick Marketing for an evening entitled 'Let's Talk About Africa'. Events like these are not uncommon but in amongst the presentations about hotels, lodges, spas and plunge pools there was one little gem that stood out for me. Steve Butterworth from Chile Gorge Lodge showed a short video titled 'Community Led Conservation'. It was a short and simple piece with commentary by Clive Stockil. For those of you not familiar with Clive he is the chairman of the Lowveld Rhino Trust and in 2013 was awarded the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa. Click here to watch the video. Sorry I could not manage to link directly to the video, but you'll find it after the first paragraph of text.
  9. I have just arrived back from Zimbabwe, where I had another very good safari. Just a few impressions: - Gonarezhou was superb. Just loved it - the dramatic and varied scenery, the wilderness, the elephants, the many majestic kudu and nyala bulls, the good variety of wildlife. There is currently a nice trip report by @@Sangeeta, and I endorse all her enthusiastic words about this most beautiful park, as I have already stated in a comment I posted in that thread. Gonarezhou is a very special place and I will definitely try and return there in the future. - It is difficult find exactly what to say about Hwange. This year there has been an unbelievably wet rainy season and as a result there are lots of tall, impalatable grasses and all the pans had plenty of water, at least in the northern section of the park I have visited. Game viewing was thus disappointing, and the scarcity of animals incredible for August. We had some good luck with local predators, but in 3 days we saw maybe 15 elephants (all bulls) and zero buffalo. We could drive around for a few hours and all you could see was maybe 1 steenbok and a dazzle of 7 zebras that seemed to reside in the area. Once the animals are not there, there is not much in Hwange's topography or scenery to keep one interested, even if we did a nice exploratory drive to the Lukosi river area in the north. Before people bound to visit the area in the coming weeks start panicking, I have to add that the current situation is clearly an aberration, and once things will start to dry up - which must happen soon - game viewing will improve drastically. Also, I think that the southern sector (Makalolo/Somalisa/Davison's) might have been less affected by the anomalous amount of rains fallen this year in Hwange. - Mana Pools was awesome as usual. Many close encounters on foot with elephants (some special individuals too - Boswell, Big Vic/Curly, the huge Ilala bull and an unknown young 15 years old bull around Ilala performing on his hind legs a' la Boswell - and lions. We found the den of the Vundu pack of wild dogs after a longish walk in the mopane and we saw the adults calling out the puppies and feed them in front of us. We also visited a pan 12 km inland where we had really excellent nyala viewing. Our mobile camp at Trichelia was in a faboulous spot, and we had elephants in camp most of the times. The one drawback was the noise at times coming from Zambia, as one would unfortunately expect these days. Also the location of our camp at Ilala was very nice. Last but not least, as predictable both our guides, Ant Kaschula in Gonarezhou and Craig van Zyl in Hwange and Mana, performed admirably and were fantastic and fun hosts. A big thank you to them. When I will be able I will post some photos, alongside some more detailed notes, albeit it will not be a full blown trip report this time around.
  10. In a few days I will depart for my African safari #27, this time a family trip to beloved Zimbabwe. Here is our itinerary: - 1 night Harare (Ridgeway House) - 5 nights Gonarezhou NP (private mobile camp) - 3 nights Hwange NP (Camp Hwange) - 7 nights Mana Pools NP (private mobile camp, 5 nights at Trichelia and 3 nights at Ilala) - 1 night Harare (Ridgeway House) Ant Kaschula will be guiding us in Gonarezhou and Craig Van Zyl in Hwange and Mana Pools. Craig will also be our pilot throughout the trip. Really looking forward to Gonarezhou, as well as visiting Hwange again after 21 years. And obviously Mana - even if familiar,it is always very special place.
  11. Hi, I, together my 3 friends (all first-time safari goers), plan to rent a 4x4 with roof-top tents and camping gears to travel from Victoria Falls to Harare. We are going to drive around around the country to visit several places including Hwange (3 nights) and Mana Pools (3 nights). May 2014 4-6 Victoria Falls 7-10 Hwange 10 Bulawayo + Matobo (just for balancing rocks and paintings) 11 Great Zimbabwe 12 Gonarezhou (1 night at Swimuwini camp or ?) 13 Gonarezhou - Mutare 14 Mutarazi Falls 15 Harare 16-19 Mana Pools 20 Harare I have couple of questions and would highly appreciate if you guys could please kindly advise. 1. Which camping or picnic sites in Hwange, Gonrezhou and Mana Pools are good at that time? I already booked Mana Pools and was assigned to Chitake 2 for all 3 nights but I want to stay near the river too because I want to do half or full day canoe trip with Zim park guide. 2. I don't know what to do at night in remote camps, is it possible to get down from roof-top tents in the middle of the night? Is it ok to use flashlights to see animals from our tents? Will it attract animals toward us? 3. animals encounter advice? 4. itinerary advice? Thanks very much for your help!

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