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Found 21 results

  1. Here is Last October APN monthly report: Highlights on: - the birth of cheetah cubs in Liwonde, - big sentences to rhino and elephant poachers in Malawi, - MOU between Chand and South Africa for the reintroduction of black rhinos in Zakouma. - Sinia Minia agreement to be included in APN portfolio.
  2. Here is the August 2018 APN Monthly newsletter: APN is working hard to reintroduce black rhinos in Zakouma in the next dry season, and are working closely with the governmente of Chad to manage the new Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve in the North of the country. They are also working on an extension of the area under their management in the larger Zakouma region. Lions reintroduction in Liwonde is planned for next year, where the cheetahs are still going well. The situation is still very dificult in Chinko because of the civil crisis in CAR. Bangweuleu game reintrouction is going well, with large herds of pukus reintroduced in the last weeks.
  3. Here is the last newsletter from African Parks. Interesting is to note that Liuwa current Manager Robert Reid will take the position of Field Operation Manager in Siniaka Minia, Chad. I have tried to find further information about this news, but I did not find anything about. APN's interest in Siniaka Minia was released in an article a couple of years ago, but no official communication from the Chadian authorities or from our preferred NGO was done until now on this matter. I hence understand that there is a new conservation project in the air in Chad, which is great and shows the strong commitment of this country for conservation of its wildlife and natural national heritage. There are some important advances in OROA in the Swahilian ecoregion, Ennedi was declared as a World Heritage in 2015 with a project with APN to manage this area as a natural and cultural reserve, Ounianga lakes few years before, Zakouma administration was given to APN in 2010.
  4. Here is the NGO 2016 anual report: There are huge efforts to reintroduce species and recover landscapes in difference parks. - Zakouma: elephant population has reached 500 animals. - Chinko: APN is securing a core area where wild dogs, lions, elephants and lord derby elands are to be found. - Garamba: Since Junce the NGO has successfully stabilized the situation after a loss of 3 rangers and 100 known elephants carcasses. - Akagera: Lions population has doubled in less than two years after the big cat reintroduction. - Odzala: Efforts are pursued to control the bushmeat crisis in the Central Africa wilderness. - Liwonde/Majete/Nkhotakota: Big game species and elephants translocation to Nkhotakota project phase 1 was a major success. - Liuwa: Large predators continue to recover in this park holding the second largest wildebeest migration in the world. - Banweuleu: Plans are underway to reintroduce game species. Plans are underway at Ennedi (Chad), Pendjari (Benin), Bazaruto (Mozambique), Buffalo Springs and Shaba (Kenya) to ad new adquisitations to the portfolio. The Ethiopian authorities blocked the NGO bank accounts and plans are compromised at Gambella.
  5. I let you the March-April 2017 APN Monthly report: Here is Peter Fearnhead's letter:
  6. I am very happy to see that some progress is being done to manage Pendjari in Benin, which is the best protected area of West Africa.
  7. This is the last report from APN.
  8. Here is May APN monthly report: New cubs in Akagera National Park, Rwanda, raising the current population of lions to 14 animals, including 7 cubs. A new strategy to limit elephant poaching at Garamba National Park, DRC. Preparation of a massive elephant (and big game) translocation in Malawi. Securing 3000 km2 at Chinko, CAR.
  9. This is APN 2015 anual report:
  10. Here is the last report from APN. As far as I know, there was no release for March. Great news for Zakouma where the last census/Survey concluded to an increase of large game species, with more than 80 elephants calves seen since 2014. The NGO is about to share the results of Liuwa census in the following weeks. Lion cubs seen in Akagera. Wild dogs, lions and large giant eland herds spotted at Chinko. At Garamba, the situation is bleak, but APN is trying to raise further funds to reinforce staffing, and develop new tactics, to halt elephant poaching which is on the increase.
  11. Good luck to Kenisa Adrobiago and Park Manager Erik Mararv and peace for the 3 remarquable park rangers who passed away yesterday. APN shows a lot of courage to protect Garamba.
  13. I would like to share the february 2016 APN monthly report. New elephant poaching cases in Liwonde and Garamba, where giraffe and elephant collaring were underway. In Zakouma, some few sightings of cheetah in the Eastern side of the park. Preparation of the massive elephant translocation in Malawi and rhinos reintroduction in Akagera.
  14. I would like to share with you the first APN newsletter of the year 2016: The NGO starts again with monthly reports.
  15. The fight to save African elephants The Washington Post Feb. 7, 2016: A ranger outpost at the Garamba National Park in Congo. By Dan Murano | March 4 at 2:23 PM Over the past half-century, elephant populations have declined in record numbers across the African continent, mostly from poaching to feed illegal ivory markets in Asia and elsewhere. War, too, has had devastating consequences for elephant herds. Garamba National Park, a World Heritage Site in Congo, is one of Africas oldest national parks. One hundred and fourteen elephants were killed.
  16. I don't remember I've seen the following article on the website. It was published in the 2015 September issue of the National Geographic magazine I read in the afternoon. I follow the situation very carefully in Central Africa, but I did not realize the magnitude of the challenge that APN was facing in Garamba, Chinko and Zakouma. This article was devastating for me. I really admire the bravery of APN. Cutting the traffic is clearly the key to make peace in this remote corner of Africa...
  17. There so many articles and discussions everywhere, no idea where to let this article on the forum... I found it on APN Facebook page the other day: Some goods KPI showing that (as every former knows) the conservancy model is the key.
  18. A fascinating article from National Geographic
  19. As many might have read on Facebook or other social forums, a tragic incident happened in Garamba National Park, in north-eastern DRC - an incredibly important protected area under constant siege from poachers coming from Sudan , militias like LRA and bandits on payroll of criminal syndicates. Three rangers were killed whilst on anti-poaching duty, not the first incident of this kind in Garamba. Here is the press release from African Parks that, in spite of all difficulties, is doing a great job in trying and protecting the park: I have been in contact with Jean Labuschagne, Special Project Manager of Garamba NP - if anybody wants to donate something to support the familes of those rangers killed whilst performing their daily, but nonetheless less admirable, activity to protect the wildlife we all love so much, there is the possibility of doing so both online and by bank transfer. I attach below the relevant instructions Online Donation: Online donations can be made at Please use "Ranger Jean-Marie " as the reference under Special Instructions when completing the donation. Cash transfer information: Bank Name: Chase Account number: 157992350 Routing number: 021000021 African Parks Foundation of America EIN number: 30-0241904 Reference to be used: “Ranger Jean-Marie”
  20. Here is the 2015 first quarterly report. It can be seen developments in the newly Gambella area under APN management, progress in the HQ construction and research at Chinko CAR, Zakouma huge communication plan to promote Camp Nomade. Here is the 2014 anual report:
  21. Here is the new quarterly report of APN:[uNIQID]

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