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Found 1 result

  1. The original itinerary was: 23 - 25 NOV 15 Okaukuejo, Etosha 25 - 28 NOC 15 Desert Rhino Camp, Damaraland 28 NOV - 1 DEC 15 Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp 1 - 2 DEC 15 Okonjima Plains Camp (Africat Foundation) It was booked with African Travel Ressource. Unfortunately we received 14 days before we left the information, that the Desert Rhino Camp was booked for the first night although we had it confirmed by Wilderness Safaris. Instead we stayed the first night at Doro !Nawas, before flying to Desert Rhino Camp. We did not expect to see a lot of animals besides our stay at Etosha. It was more a trip mainly to see the beauty of the arid Northwestern part of Namibia. We flew business from Frankfurt to Windhoek with Air Namibia. The price was good and I was happy not to think about overweight hand luggage. In Windhoek a representative of Wilderness met us and gave us the necessary information before we picked up our car to head north to Okaukuejo Camp in Etosha. Having stayed there 3 times already we knew what to expect. I like the Etosha very much. It is easy game viewing on the waterholes with less traffic than in Kruger NP for example. We arrived in the afternoon and were to tired to go out on a drive and relaxed for the rest of the day. At night we went to the waterhole and saw 5 black rhinos. At the restcamps at Etosha nowadays you can´t do self catering anymore. There are no cooking facilities. You have to go to their restaurant, which offers buffet food for a reasonable price. Main downside is their breakfast times. It starts at 6, at the same time when the gates open, and ends at 9. For serious safari goers really strange. In the morning we just crabbed some cookies and bread, had a quick coffee and off we were for the rest of the morning. We just cruised from waterhole to waterhole and had some good sightings. Black backed Jackal and puppy At Nebrownii waterhole we saw our first lions lying there. Springbok and Oryx were watching the scene from a safe distance. Secretary bird Red Hartebeest We arrived at Aus waterhole, when a group of Kudu was walking in. Claudia said, let´s just wait here and have a coffee and our toasts. We busy watched the waterhole A few minutes later, she said: „Hey, Thomas, look there at the edge of the car park. Is that a leopard?“ And it was a young one. We were so busy watching the scenery on the waterhole 100 meters away, that we did not see that cat just 5 meters away. We never expected to see a Leopard. This was the first magic moment of our Namibia trip. We even had to show the cat to other cars arriving as they all just had their focus on the waterhole. On our way back to Okaukuejo we stopped again a t Nebrownii. What a scene! While the lions were gone, hundreds of Sprinbok arrived at the waterhole accompanied by Oryx, Zebra and Ostriches. A migration like scene! There are also Elephants and Giraffe This was a great drive in the morning. In the afternoon we decided to go to Aus again, but the leopard was gone and had left the place for a mating pair of lions. Etosha is a great place! The antelopes have left Nebrownii waterhole, the jackals took over. Before dinner at the waterhole a group of Giraffes have arrived. After dinner the rhinos are back again. We will do a short drive tomorrow morning before we proceed to the west for our desert adventure. Stay tuned!

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