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Found 2 results

  1. I had not intended to post this trip on ST, but now that it has been referenced here, I thought I may as well put it up here for any of you who may be interested in joining. We are running 2 back-to-back trips in March 2018, led by Doug MacDonald. There are 6 spots in each group. Group 1 is fully booked and group 2 has 4 slots remaining, so feel free to PM me if interested. The details of the trip can be found here: With all the new rules and restrictions being envisaged for 2019 onwards, this looks more and more like a pretty good deal Doug and I started putting this trip together a long time ago, and it makes us very happy to think of it as a solid model for the future.
  2. Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you all know that I, along with my 2 partners, have opened a new Africa-only tour company in New Delhi, India. Our company is called Chalo Africa (Let's Go to Africa) - Some of you have known about my project for a while - thank you all so very much for your wisdom and help and encouragement. Could not have done it without you. I am not naming names but you know you are - yup, that's you! The site is pretty basic for the time being but we hope to grow it by leaps and bounds. If anyone spots an error, please let me know - would be ever so grateful for a heads up like that. Have written a short note about ST and Matt on the Diary page - hope you enjoy the read. He deserves so many accolades. But here's another from me - thank you Matt for starting ST and for doing all you do for the community every day. Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest. Still can't believe that my 'job' is now to plan and dream about safaris Life cannot get better than this.

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