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Found 3 results

  1. So, it's now 2 weeks since I got home from my trip to Zambia. Together with my wife I visited Kafue National Park from 9-16 october. Actually the 2nd time I visited Kafue, first time in April 2013. First time we only stayed at Mukambi Safari Lodge, the main camp, and were there at the beginning of the dry season. This time we planned at the end of the dry season so we could also go to the Busanga Plains. Our itinerary: Day 1: Mukambi Safari Lodge Day 2: Mukambi Safari Lodge -> Fig Tree camp Day 3: Fig Tree camp Day 4: Fig Tree camp -> Busanga Plains camp Day 5: Busanga Plains camp Day 6: Busanga Plains camp Day 7: Busanga Plains camp -> Mukambi Safari Lodge Day 8: Mukambi Safari Lodge -> Lusaka All camps belong to Mukambi. We had a great time with them before, so decided to go with them again. Also, I tried something else this trip. I recently got into making videos and decided to try and make some sort of vlog of my trip. I'm not a vlogger at all and never really put my self out there for the camera, but I thought it would be a good occassion to create a video so I decided to go for it. I'm creating videos on a day-by-day schedule and haven't finished all of them yet, but the first two are online. Don't mind giving advice, but please be kind I hope you like it and think it reflects a safari experience. I will update this TR when I finish a new video and complete it with other stories/pictures as well.
  2. Kafue is wild. Kafue is beautiful. Kafue is diverse. Kafue is a birder´s paradise. And Kafue is harsh. Difficult. Uncomfortable. And unwilling to easily reveal its many treasures. We had discussed Kafue with @Doug Macdonald on our last trip to Mana Pools, and his enthusiasm for this rarely visited, huge national park convinced us that we had to see it, and that we wanted to see it "properly". @Atravelynn had had similar talks with Doug and had come to the same conclusion, and so it was a logical thing that we would team up for this again. To our delight @Kitsafari also decided to join up, and so we were a very Safaritalky ensemble since we decided to have Doug along as well as a private guide. This was our itinerary, from Oct 3d/4th to Oct 16th: 1 nt Pioneer Camp, Lusaka (2 nts for Kit) 3 nts Konkamoya Lodge, at the Southern shore of Lake Itezhi Tezhi (about 7 hours from Pioneer) 3 nts Musekese Camp, Northern sector (about five hours from Konkamoya) 3 nts Ntemwa-Busanga Camp (Musekese mobile), Busanga Plains (about four hours from Musekese) 1 nt Musekese Camp, Northern sector 1 nt Pioneer Camp (only Michael and @AndMic) ( @wilddog I hope it´s ok to include this map? If not here´s the link: So let´s gonna find out how it was for us. Not always easy, I will admit that. But in the end, so much worth it.
  3. Well, after my first visit into the Kafue in 2015. I've decided to go back there as soon as possible, as I felt absolutely in love with that kind of park and the Safari experience there in particular. So I managed to get a trip together, which showed a little bit more of the entire park and the different environment, than last time (stayed only 5nts @ Musekese Camp). Also the timing of the year was different. Last year I was there in the beginning of July an and now @ the beginning of September. So this was a 10 Day Safari focussed on the Kafue NP. Itinerary: 31. August. - 5. September (Musekese Camp) 6. - 8. September (Mobile Camp, Busanga Plains) 9. - 11. September (Kaingu Lodge) Travel was quit easily this time as i had a direct flight from Zuerich to Johannesburg and only a short stopover of 1.5h in Johannesburg. Arrived in Lusaka at Lunch, I was greeted by Alec the new Guide they had and Jamie the instructor of the chef. Driving to the Kafue this time went over much quicker than last year I thought, but probably this was just an assumption. 5h later we arrived at the Camp with a very hearty welcome by Tyrone and the staff. It was great to be back or in other words to be back in the new camp. I was really excited about their new camp as i stayed last year in the old site (which i really liked as well). But as they have shown me the area of the new camp last year as well and with the many good sightnings we've had in the close surrounding I was very confident that the new camp will be nothing else than extraordinary! So set in my lovely chalet before the sun was going down. The rooms are remarkably wide and even so the bathroom with a very nice shower and the large veranda in front of the dambo. The whole Camp is set up under a nice little "Island of Forrest" between the dambo in front and the higher grassland behind. Everything fits nicely into the surroundings. The Bar as well! After a fantastic dinner we moved ourselves to the new fireplace which sits nicely on a little hillside in the bush. Having a nap of my usual Brandy, we were hering the roaring of the Lions quite near....This should be the perfect match for the upcoming days... Day 1 Starting the day early as usual @5:30. Getting myself then through the bush to the main area for breakfast. We were just staying there for about 5-10 minutes and enjoying the view on the dambo infront of us as we already spotted the first Lions or better Lion cubs about 30m away from Camp! We just getting the short way out of the breakfast buffet into the Landy to get a closer look. Here they are at 6:25am in the morning...we were able to watch the mother with her cubs 3 of them were visible (1 was behind somewhere in the grass). So a mother with 4 cubs. It was an absolute pleasure to watch the little ones fighting around with each other for such a long time. We stayed there for about half an hour. So a great start on the 1 Day and one to keep on for the next days especially with Lions. More to follow...

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